Topic: Last act as RGD dev :)

As promised Im giving you guys a peak into what TechSpace would have looked like..
And no.. Im not doing it to make you sad, Oluf smile

Thank you for a great time together guys and I hope you find what you need in another game


This update brought to you by everyone in the GFX crew on Seed

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Re: Last act as RGD dev :)


That looks....awesome!
Those big machine thingys....that blue hallway...the stairs... the pipes!
It looks damn nice! Thanks a lot mecha for posting these! and thanks to the gxf department for taking time to make em!

*picks up his shotgun and goes hunting for mmo publishers and their lack of faith in original and interresting ideas*

Re: Last act as RGD dev :)

Impressive place...

Thanks a lot Mecha! but damn.. i would have loved wandering in this techspace..

Re: Last act as RGD dev :)

You guys do great work.  Thanks for the look into what was to come.

Who is the naked guy? ;-)

Re: Last act as RGD dev :)

Thanks Mecha and RGD it looks awsome!

*joins Oluf with his fully charged BFG, wtih an RPG on his back*

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Needless to say (but i will anyways) - most of TechSpace is not textures - if it looks good, it is final textures, if it looks like crap or like something you've seen before, then that is dummy textures (for testing the strain on the server), and if it looks flat with no textures - then that just what it is smile

It would have been really nice to see this location through, indeed. It would even have been bigger than Canyon - how about that...

- we're just glad you like it... smile


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That looks exactly like the place I wanted to spawn my army of cloned superhumans smile
*sigh* Now The Mission will never know the fury of evolution.


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Thanks for sharing these screens with us. Too bad it doesn't looks like I will be able to run for an admin bit there. Even unfinished it looks good.

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Wonderful design. Would have adored to see it in-game and such. Really quite a treat. Thanks for sharing! smile

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Sorry to wake up an old post wink You'll get used to me doing that.

It looks great even in it's primitive state. Those huge hardpoints would have been interesting...

Re: Last act as RGD dev :)

No worries, Esme. I'll get into detail a bit about the images....

1. This is the outer path of Machine Sphere A (which is the largest of three similar areas) It shows how the giant protection rings (the, on the inside, glowy rings) are hooked up to the magnetic gliders.

2. This shows the protection rings up close, as well as a view of the scaffold connected to the Hardpoint Amplification Spike. You can also see where the tall hallways connect to the Machine Sphere

3. Hardpoint Amplification Spike (and scaffold). Containing up to 9 hardpoints, this machine delivers additional power to the hardpoints, compared to a regular hardpoint in say canyon or labspace. The clover-shaped platform at the bottom of the scaffold, is actuall 4 seperate platforms. You'd fit them to the HPAS if you need a few more hardpoints.

4. Access to the Machine Sphere (and HPAS scaffold) from the tall hallway.... untextured obviously.

5. another view of the outer path of the machine sphere

6-8. (Completely untextured, yet dummy vertex painted) Service Tunnels. These would outline the Machine Sphere's, and you'd access them from a hatch in the tall hallways. In the Service Tunnel, you'd have some additional control over ressource distribution to the HPAS. You'd have several completely new damage types and looks.

9. The HPAS in all their glory. In Machine Sphere A there was three. In the other two there would only be one in each.
You could even control stuff INSIDE the HPAS, by entering a small control room at the same level as the clover-shaped platforms. The gameplay was not yet designed though. But something about energy/ressource flow/control/distribution probably.

10. Another view of a HPAS, which reveals a lot more machinery below the platforms. If a HPAS is not fitted with the platforms, you'd have a good clean view of the exhaust thingies at the bottom.

11. The tall hallway. And one of the "hatches" on the sides, would lead to a service tunnel

12. Hovering over a HPAS you can see a Magnetic Field Generator (i think they were called). This would either boost energy or offer additional shielding. Can't remember. And obviously they were not meant to be floating in mid-air. There was some minor finalizing of the design, as well as set-dressing missing still (apart from all the obvious missing and dummy textures).

So - if anyone still roleplays Seed in one form or another, here's a little info to play with.
I do believe, that TechSpace would've been connected to the Canyon as well. Not entirely sure where though.