Topic: Panel Discussion:

Sender:Bahar - Da Vinci Collaboration

Greetings, fellow colonists!

It's time for another Panel Discussion, in The Garden 31.8.104. The topic of the discussion is this time: "Tower History: Separating Fact from Gossip". Our panelists will talk about the times before the emergence of the younger generation, when The First Colonists were the only inhabitants of The Tower. We all have heard many stories of those legendary times, but what was it that really transpired?

To inform you, we've invited the following panelists: Sebastian of The Horizon and Sinnai of The Council of Elders who actually were there. Zesiro of The Association of Scholars, for his extensive knowledge of Anthropology in general.

As always, anyone is welcome to listen to the discussion and ask any questions they like!

Bahar - Da Vinci Collaboration