Topic: OOC: Project Rules

Each Project is divided into Tasks. Each Task has the following attributes:
1. Size (measured in man hours)
2. Leader skills required
3. Worker skills required
4. Number of workers (a range in format min - max)
5. Tools needed by the whole group or each worker (measured in average AP cost)
6. Resources needed (used up during the task, measured in average AP cost)

Each Task has one or more leaders. Each of the listed Leader skills needs to be possessed by at least one of the leaders. If there are more than one leader, it might cause trouble.

In addition to leaders there are workers. Every worker needs to have the required Worker skills. If the leaders have these skills, they count as workers.

There may be factors (x2, x3 etc) next to the task name. That means several similar tasks must be completed. If they're completed in a series they may use the same tools and workers, but if they're done at the same time, they all need their own.

The leaders must be present at all times when work is beind done.

???? AP is considered to be worth approximately 1 man hour of work.

Each worker can put 20 hours of work into a project each day (if they do nothing else). Thus the time taken by the Task can by calculated by:
duration in days = size / workers / 20