Topic: The Revolution

Name: The Revolution
Formed: 14.2.103
Organization: Informal
Leadership: One leader (permanent)
Status: Active

The current political situation in the Tower is abhorrent! A few powerful ringleaders control the both the people and the property with no legal authority. They say they work for the good of the Tower, but it's their own power - and the increasing of it - they're truly concerned about. Even worse, the entire infrastructure is controlled by the whim of a few self-appointed administrators - TSR!

The only way to make a true change is for the people to unite - to see the rottenness of the system and act on it. To bring true justice and freedom to the Tower! Our ring is small but we have many supporters all around the Tower! Join us in our fight if you share our dream!

Zing - leader (dead)
Ivan - handler
((8 members altogether))

Re: The Revolution

Name: Mirca
Position: Handler