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Since our gallery, or at least MY gallery, is a bit messed at the moment (*whips Nuala*) I figured I'd start a thread to post whatever artwork I do. I'll edit this to post additional stuff later, since I'm just using it to display the logo I've been working on today.

I'm trying to raise credits on the Toribash forums, and I stumbled on a request for a logo by someone in the Market. I quickly started off and came up with this:

At this time, the person finally got back to me and told me that WASN'T what he wanted. Oh well. After several hours and chatting with the person in question about the design (he goes by Nepo), This is the result.

More later (hopefully, you may want to remind me though).

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Messed?!? How come!!!!

*check it*

Ok.. I got it, it seems that it doesnt like PNG. I'll see what I can do for that.

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You don't have permission to access /gallery/albums/15/sandling/nepocatfinal2.png on this server.

That done seems like it be broken, nah?

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Nah. It's logical.