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Hi there,

Maybe some of you will have seen my post in the "Hi i'm new" thread, then again, maybe most won't have seen it so, no matter ^^

I was fortunate enough to have a chance of playing Seed for a few weeks before it went away and it has left an impression on me. I played around the time the medical stuff arrived and the injuries came into play. I was known as Emine in Seed, but I don't really think there will be people that remember me, I kinda kept to myself while I was learning the game, and spend alot of time just running around the place to marvel in it's designs and graphics, I've always been a huge fan of cel shading.

Now why did I come here? Well, it was by accident really, i'm a 33 year old roleplay lover with a large background, been playing alot of pen and paper games from D&D to Rifts to WoD to Shadowrun to well... whatever our resident GM would have an interest in at the time.

About a year ago we discovered TRI-Stat roleplay system and we all fell in love with it, it is super easy and fun to create games in so that's what we are doing now, we take turns in campaigns, my previous one was a squad based cyberpunk appocalyptic setting, and now my friend is running a space action setting.

When he is done, in about 2 months, it will be my turn again and I was thinking about what kind of game I would create, I wanted something in space, mystery, skill based (as in, not all combat) and inovative. Then I remembered Seed, when I played it I always thought, "man, I should make a rpg about this" but as circumstances have it, I forgot all about it.

Anyways, I went to look for all kind of info I could find about Seed, and after several links and articles... I found you people, so... here me bees!

Secretly i'm here in the hopes that I can catch a glimps of an article about the revival of Seed, but that's is wishful thinking on my part hmm

Not secretly i'm here to find info about the Seed universe, my rpg will be based upon Seed, let's say a spin off, it will be on board of one of the Seed ships, something happends to cripple it and TAU can't figure it out, the ship is bleeding power and TAU has no other option then to load up the capacitors of the hatching and bio thingy storage chambers (sperm and egg freezers) area so that it can sustain for about at least 2 years while the rest of the ship is dead, several humans will be speed grown to repair the derelict Seed ship to get it back on course or along those lines.

The campaign will be about the repair of the ship, while they have to figure out what, how and why the ship got crippled, it's supposed to become a space / horror / mystery rpg
There will be elements of combat but i'm trying to keep it in line with the Seed vision, but desperate situations require desperate measures and "something" is very wrong on board the ship.

Right now i'm trying to make a Chimbot, but my knowledge of them is very limited, what are they all about, what can they do etc...

Maybe you people can help me out with the questions i'll prolly haven and finetune my campaign, it will have to run 3 months and will see a sequel if the reception is favorable.

Thx in advance...


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I suddenly get the eerie feeling I placed this topic in the wrong section hmm

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Hehe, yes, it belongs in the Floatbed Dreams forum, but our nice webmistress will probably move it there.

Anyway, chimbots. small, agile and flexible repair and maintenance bots remote controlled by TAU to fix things, move things, weld things, build things and so on. Basically the worker drones of the tower flexible enough to scale walls, move through hatches and so on. TAU used these to build the tower and to maintain it, but in the latter stages when things started going wrong, many chimbots stood idle or didn't do what they should. They're not independent of TAU, they're all like worker ants were TAU was the queen ant.

In one RP event we took control of a chimbot chassis, reverseengineered it and constructed a sturdier chimbot that we could remotecontrol, then sent it down to the lower levels to discover if people were still alive down there. Was great RP and lots of people participated in building its systems. Resulted in a lot of blueprints. Another thing I should have saved.. Oh well.

Ah, and in related news, soon we'll get all the datamining texts online here. Lots of short (and not so short!) stories about life and history in the tower. Will be a treat for those who haven't read them smile

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Floatbed dreams it is big_smile (and welcome Emine smile )

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Thank you both, great info on the Chimbot, got me started now ^^

I'll post my Intro story once it is finished.

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For those that are interested, I have completed a draft of my intro story.

I used some official info bits within my story so that the players of the campaign have some grasp of the setting seeing none of them know Seed.



1000 years ago, unmanned Seed ships left Earth carrying cryo coolers with DNA codes, sperms and eggs. The goal: To colonize distant planets.

Journey to the stars
The building and launching of the seed ships.

Having successfully colonized the Moon and Mars, Earth was looking further away for the purpose of spreading humanity wide across the universe. The recent development of ram scoop propulsion made the bold vision possible.

During the course of several years five huge spaceships were built. Each a kilometer long and filled with machines needed for terra forming a suitable planet into a habitable environment for humans. The humans themselves were not to populate the ships. Instead DNA codes, sperms and eggs were carried along in cryo coolers leaving it to the TAU computers aboard to hatch the colonists at the right time.

TAU was also to contain any relevant Earthly knowledge. This proved to trigger a long and heated debate about what to store in the database. At the end it was decided to make the colonies idealistic societies based on community and co-operation.

After searching the universe for several years, the first suitable planet was spotted near the star Beta Hyi 24.4 light years from the Sun. Probes indicated that the planet had an atmosphere, water and living micro organisms. It was to be the destination of the first seed ship. The four remaining ships continued their journey.

Unforeseen events
The accident and loss of the convoy.

Ten years after the departure of the first Seed ship, the convoy reached a dark sector of space. It was a region of space without stars, planets or any other astronomical bodies. External sensors failed to register anything except the other ships in the convoy. Using each other as an anchor, the TAU computers kept the ships close to each other and continued through the dark sector.

Three weeks into the dark sector disaster struck for the third ship, the “Argent Dawn”, a sudden and violent jolt could be felt and the ship started to rapidly bleed energy. TAU was unable to detect or remote repair what has occurred and started to lag behind the other three ships.

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” was one of the program parameters of the TAU computers. The wounded ship was cut loose from the cluster, and left behind.

On board TAU was trying to find means to safeguard the ship, but hope was diminishing at a rapid pace along with the energy that was bleeding from the ship. After running all scenarios TAU was left with only one final option, she could charge the remaining power into the capacitors for the hatching area and speed grow a select group of humans to repair the ship.

Humans are speed-grown from embryo to fully functional adulthood in the span of two years, in the same float bed that they will use the rest of their life for nourishment, getting rid of waste, decontamination, and sleeping. During the growth period the skills, knowledge, and personality of each person are developed and coaxed forth by a complex range of stimulations, sessions, and dream sequences.

The “Argent Dawn” went into torpor when the last of the energy was transferred to the capacitors, TAU sealed off the ship, went to minimum power and for the next two years nurtured fifteen growing human lives.

Rude awakenings
The hatching of the twelve and hostile environments.

Two years have passed, green status lights start to faintly glow on the float beds and one by one the release systems come into action. It takes forty-five minutes to have the twelve float beds go into release status and slowly they start to open, three remain closed and appear to be unpowered. The lights are faint, systems are running on the last fragments of energy and ice crystals cover the entire room.

You start to wake up...


From here on, the players, (5) will each have a main character and a character pool to choose from when they need to. The GM (in this case me) will make the characters (we do this all the time to avoid powergamers and this way we can keep it balanced, works perfectly and every member is a fan of this way of working)

Also, the benefits of multiple characters is player death, we use perma death (this often leads to very tense and scary scenes, even though they have multiple chars, noone want's any of them to die, we give the chars unique abilities / skills and if that char should die, the difficulty might increase)

Example, one will be a master engineer with high skills, others will be regular with lower skills, should the master die, the repairs will be harder for the remaining players etc (simple example)

Anyway, I'd love some suggestions and feedback smile