Topic: DVI-Inet Issue 1 (20.10.104)

A Journey to the Deep Beneath

On October 16th DVI-Inet got word from The Common Good that their best neurologist, Healer, had to go on an emergency visit in the most unlikely of places. He joined a team of Prospectors, venturing down the central shaft in order to help another team of Prospectors that had got into trouble during one of their explorations.

In addition to Healer, the rescue team consisted of Handa, Evao, Mick, Navago, and Garrock of the Prospectors. According to Healer, they had descended the central shaft using a portable elevator device called The Spider. Halfway down the shaft, they'd entered a series of cube-shaped halls behind one of the shaft walls. Then began the arguous part of crawling through cramped corridors.

"It never seemed to end", says Healer. "A tunnel after tunnel after tunnel. Several times I told the Prospectors I couldn't go on anymore, but they just pushed me on, helping me past the toughest spots. I'm sure they'd have carried me if there had been space for that."

After the tunnels Healer emerged high above an in-tower lake. "Either it was flooded at some point and never emptied or it was used to grow something underwater", Healer guesses. He was taken to the leader of the Prospectors, Mihailo, who was, in Healer's words, "floating on something that looked somewhat like a raft". The rest of the first exploration team were there as well: Ami, Harmast, and Ann of the Prospectors and Mizuki of The Horizon.

The reason Healer had been brought all this way down was to install a spinal prosthetic on Mihailo, since he had broken his neck in an accident. "I'm not lying when I say it was a close call", Healer explains. "They'd had to move him after the accident, which damaged the nerves severely, almost killing him. It'll be a long time before he gains full control of his body again."

This was the first time we heard about this endeavor. It seems the exact time and date of departure had been kept secret to avoid publicity. "We need to keep a low profile on takeoff", says Ami. "Or we might have the Lurkers waiting for us behind some curve in the tunnel." When asked what the goal of the expedition had been and what went wrong, Ami explains the goal for a few expeditions already have been to find a way down to the Lower Cluster, but like the previous ones, this turned out to be a dead end.

Mihailo was taken to the Common Good Hospital as soon as they got him off the Spider. When asked who will be leading the Prospectors while Mihailo's in recovery, Ami said that as the task would fall on her. "It's only temporary, of course", Ami adds. "He will be back in charge long before our next expedition."

We certainly hope so. Even though these expeditions seem to be finding one dead end after another, their importance can't be stressed too much. They're a natural extension to the great mission we're all part of - exploring and taming the unknown!

Picture of the thin and wrinkled Healer in a dark orange Envy Suit

Hamian, Da Vinci Information Network

Re: DVI-Inet Issue 1 (20.10.104)

Grassroots Insights: Batch 448

DVI-Inet has began a series of interviews whose goal is to shed light on how the regular colonist feels about life in the Tower. Even though the work done by our leaders is important, the future is truly built by the hardworking repairmen, brave medics, and brilliant scientists that perform their work without asking for glory. With this series, DVI-Inet gives them a voice.

For each issue of the magazine, we're going to interview one batch of colonists. The first one our random number generator chose for us is batch 448, awakened on 10.5.104. The full batch consisted of Andrea, Mizuki, Tagato, Ishi, Mike, and Farid, the last of whom unfortunately was born without the sparkle of thought. The rest are live and well, and we managed to steal some of the time of Tagato, Ishi, and Mike. Ishi had to leave at an early point, but we got some good input from her nevertheless.

You've been part of the Tower community for half a year now. How has it been, to adjust to the way of life here?

Mike: It's very different from what the speedgrowth made us expect, of course.

Ishi: It was a shock at first, but I've adapted quickly.

Tagato: There was no problem for me, after realizing the situation.

You seem to have adapted well then. I suppose you've found yourselves a place in the Tower, a purpose perhaps?

M: A purpose? I don't think I ever thought about that. The everyday life, the constant work, has kept me far too busy.

T: Pressing problems, short-term goals and tasks. That's all it is for me.

I: I think people's choice of Ring says at leats something about their purpose, or at leats their hopes. What they think they're doing all this work for.

Yes, the rings. Mike and Ishi, I understand you chose The Horizon as your ring. Why did you pick that one out of all the possibilities?

I: The size was an important factor to me. A big ring like that can work towards long term goals, and I agree with theirs. The prospect of terraforming to an extent but still retaining Da Vinci's native beauty appeals to me.

M: When I joined The Horizon, it seemed the ring had the desire to make the whole Tower work together towards prosperity and survival. Now I'm not so certain anymore... They certainly have their share of plotting and schemes... But to be fair, they do take good care of their members.

May I ask you what kind of schemes are making you worried?

M: Secrecy, seeking to gain power over others... But I can't get into any details on this. In any case, they're far from perfect.

Have you considered changing your ring then?

M: The thought has crossed my mind. I doubt any ring is perfect, though - politics seem to be everywhere. I considered The Association of Scholars at one point, but they're no better than my current ring. The only viable option for me right now seems to be Society of Free Colonists.

What have you learned about The Scholars then?

M: I have reason to believe they're not being as open about their research as they make themselves seem. Knowledge is power, after all. Let's just say I have some reason to believe The Scholars are keeping some secrets about the reactivation of the AINNs during the Blackout. I fear they'll try to use them for gaining power over others.

Please tell the readers something about what you've been doing. Any special projects? Great successes or failures?

M: I've been working on the TAU Basecode Project, and damage control. And then certain things I'm not allowed to talk about. Oh, and during the Blackout I found out about the rogue Chimbots using a factory in Canyon C. At first, I didn't realize what they were, though.

Three of your patch have joined the same ring, while one, Andrea, has chosen to join Society of Free Colonists, whose views and methods are very different from The Horizon's. Has this come between you five or has the batch managed to stick together?

T: I think we get along well enough, dispite everything.

M: Society of Free Colonists is more of a loose group than a political entity, so there isn't so much political enmity. At least as far as I recall.

Where do you see yourselves five years from now?

T: Recycled...

M: I strive to be one of the best in my field, computer engineering.

How do you see Da Vinci, in your mind's eye, as you look into the future?

T: I don't look. What I see in the present is bad enough.

M: I haven't really thought about that.

Some people have placed hope on the prospect that sooner of later, there's going to be others coming from Earth or the other four colonies, to set things right in here. How do you feel about this idea?

T: We should assume the worst: that everyone's in the same kind of situation as we are.

I understand you've been baptised to The One Faith, Mike. Can you tell me what brought you to spirituality - not one of the most popular choices today?

M: I'm not sure really.  There's something comforting in the thought that some sort of higher being is watching over us, even if He does let bad things happen.  And that there is a better place our souls will go to when we die.

Some - most - would say that comfort comes from a lie.

M: Perhaps it is a lie.  Perhaps not.  Science can't really prove it one way or another.  But if that thought will help people to carry on even in the current bleak situation, it will help us towards a better tomorrow. I just hope people will not recreate the holy wars.

As we all know, the five most important virtues of The Technocracy are considered to be: Liberty, Wisdom, Creativity, Patience, and Solidarity. Which one do you think is the most important one?

T: Creativity. Problem solving drives drives society forward. The others are important as well - it's their perfect unity that makes them a working system.

M: Liberty and Solidarity. We have free will, and must be allowed to make our own decicions. However, the benefit of the community must always come before personal gain.

To conclude the interview: is there anything you'd like to say to the Tower?

M: Colonists, forget your differences.  Work together to save the Tower.

T: (shakes his head and stays silent)

We thank Mike, Tagato, and Ishi for their precious time, and hope this interview, and the others to come, will help people to broaden their perspectives. I, for one, have found the thoughts and ideas of these people inspiring, and will look forward to working with them towards the dream of a better future.

Lange, Da Vinci Information Network