Topic: The Rangers

Having begun to wade through the 2-year accumulation of material in the Ryzom Chronicles section, I've come across an interesting bit of information about the Rangers- yes, the same ones that run the Refugee camp on the Newbie Island.

The Rangers were a force created by the Karavan to fight the Kitin during the Great Swarming. They are an elite force of woodsmen and guerilla fighters, whose sole purpose is to protect Hominkind from the Kitin threat. Lately, however, they have cut their ties to the Karavan, declaring that they have become more interested in their wars with the Kami than in protecting Hominkind from the still-present threat of the Kitin. They are now an independent force that seeks to guard Homins, regardless of faction, from a danger that their patrons- Kami and Karavan- seem to have lost sight of.

Given that many people have expressed interest in keeping neutral in the Kami/Karavan conflict, and forming a group that welcomes all races and philosophies, this seems the perfect inspiration for our characters. I'm not sure if they are an actual faction with followers in the game, but their existence and the fact that we've all been exposed to their teachings at an early point in our careers, gives a good IC reason for the ideas we've been having. Working together against the real enemies- the Goo and the Kitin- instead of fighting for the glory of our patrons seems to be a direction that many of us are leaning towards in-game.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Especially from those who are well established in Ryzom and know more than I do about the Rangers.