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Runestone has now made some great ingame texts and thoughts from the designers of Seed available to us, so that they can be posted here for completeness of the website and hopefully also for inspiration to those of you who want to set a game or story of your own in the Seed universe. Ah yes, and for everyone else, these stories will hopefully provide an interesting and vivid read.

We've gotten a timeline of the colonization and what happened in the past and we've got all the datamining texts that you could retrieve ingame by 'mining' for it. We've also got some storywriter notes here and there. Enjoy! smile And a huge thanks to the creators of Seed, Runestone for making these texts available.

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Timeline Highlights[/big]

From Seed

A condensed overview over key events from seed ship launch to now.

Note: This timeline utilizes a very simple system. L means launch and the numbers are years. L200 is 200 years after the seed ship was launched from Earth. Whether or not the years are Da Vincian or terran doesn't matter much for the timeline as such.


1 L0: Launch from Earth
2 L150: Contact to Earth lost
3 L200: Arrival in the Beta Hyi system
4 L220: Planetfall
5 L290: The first shivers
6 L300: Moving to second tower
7 L900: First humans
8 L900-930: Environmental issues on the rise
9 L920: Construction of tower top defense system starts
10 L920: Constructing Ringlab Beta
11 L925: First blocker in use
12 L930: Sinian's Seizure
13 L930: Constructing the Garden
14 L945: The second generation
15 L960: The Dambuster
16 L968: Access Point System implemented
17 L1000: The top goes
18 L1000-1002: Need Better Name Goddamnit
19 L1002: The first murder
20 L1008: Kelner discovers his cavity
21 L1010: A second cluster
22 L1020: The killing blow
23 L1020: NOW

L0: Launch from Earth

A handful of Seed ships launched from Earth. One sets course for a promising planet discovered near the Beta Hyi star.

L150: Contact to Earth lost

Contact lost to Earth. Despite it, Da Vinci seed ship continues according to plan.

Official belief: Space dust must have blocked the signal

What really happened: What caused the loss of contact is entirely open. Could be space dust, aliens, Earth collapsing, malevolent programming or whatnot.

L200: Arrival in the Beta Hyi system

Arrival in the Beta Hyi system. Leftover iceberg from ramscoop drive method slammed into planet surface to kick off terraforming.

L220: Planetfall

Planetfall. A first tower to house the terraforming machinery is built in the iceberg crater, some three thousand klicks north of present tower.

L290: The first shivers

TAU charts a series of anomalies. Seemed iceberg ramming set off a series of planet-wide geological changes. Touchdown site becomes less and less optimal.

L300: Moving to second tower

TAU abandons first tower due to above issues and builds a second one further south and deep down in a canyon. The ruins of the first tower is still up there, stripped for much, but not all useful stuff.

Official belief: It is common knowledge that there is a first tower, and that TAU abandoned it due to suboptimal environmental conditions. Some link the fate of the first tower (bad weather) to the potential fate of the second (bad weather again).

What really happened: What really-really caused the anomalies is unknown.

L900: First humans

The first humans on Da Vinci. The terraforming is in trouble and too complex for AI to handle. First 100 humans hatched by TAU to help crack the problem. The first cluster, now known as the Habitat, is constructed to house the new humans and the planet is formally named Da Vinci in honor of the great terran renaissance genius. But the curse of the colony, too much ambition, soon rears its ugly head. Plans start messing with each other and the environmental snowball starts rolling.

L900-930: Environmental issues on the rise

Environmental issues on the rise as planetary systems keep degrading due to human interference and runaway synergistic effects.
Grazers, huge storms haunting the tundras above the canyon systems, become an increasing problem and a contributing factor to making it nigh impossible to go outside.

L920: Construction of tower top defense system starts

In L920, a massive defense system has to be installed at the top of the tower to stop rocks hurled by highspeed winds from damaging the tower hull.

L920: Constructing Ringlab Beta

Construction of Weller's Shaft starts alongside. See Mainstay: Ringlab Beta and Mainstay: Weller's Shaft for further details.

L925: First blocker in use

L930: Sinian's Seizure

Sinian's Seizure: Culmination of a very exciting year, where microbe activity upped its pace for unknown reasons. Sinian was the first human to be killed by an unpredicted strain. It's still believed the culprit was one of the first unchecked mutations of terrestrial bacteria released into the environment. The release is yet another sign of the dissension hamstringing the colony's chance of survival.

L930: Constructing the Garden

See The Hatchery: Sava's Garden for details.

L945: The second generation

In response to the increasing trouble with disease, sickness and the first deaths due to it, the first generation of Da Vincians decide to create more people. Hatch programs are started, generating a steady flow of people over the next couple of years. The colony appears in control of TAU and the hatch process at this point, but future opinions abound that this "meddling" or ordering might have had something to do with the massive hatching event in L1000-02.

What really happened: Might be true, might not.

L960: The Dambuster

An incredibly huge flash flood thunders down through the canyon systems to ram the tower. Colony caught flatfooted. Turns out a black algae designed to raised overall temperatures through greenhouse effect unexpectedly climbed a huge gletcher to the east and managed to melt it. Yet another result of not coordinating terraforming efforts. Suddenly flashfloods become an annual event and warning systems have to be put into place.

Unofficial knowledge: A report later proved the Dambuster was caused by the Black Land Project, a shared project between two small, but very ambitious rings (Green Tilt and another one). The idea was to put out black algae to help warm up the atmosphere and thus get the greenhouse effect going. No action was taken after the report was published, mostly due to the involved ring members' very strong ties with the right people. The report is buried somewhere within TAU's shattered databases these days, but might resurface at the right time.

L968: Access Point System implemented

An economically inclined colonist named Kinnick and supporters implement the access point system in response to increasing problems with too many people and too few resources (camping, stealing etc.)

L1000: The top goes

The tower buster. In a storm-of-the-century, a huge rock slams into the tower top and tears it away. People, space and machinery lost. The massive top fragment is hurled a good distance across the frigid tundra above the canyons, and here it still lies waiting for recovery.

A huge plate ("The great plate") is rushed into place to seal the gaping hole leading directly into the tower core, where everything precious to the colony is stored. Many people die securing the site, and there is doubt as to how long the plate will stay in place.

The tower defense systems are gone as well, leaving the tower at the mercy of the environment. Replacements are begun during the following years, but the colonists never manage to fully restore the former capacity. Now and then wind-tossed rocks will slam into the tower hull ripping it open and letting microbes inside.

L1000-1002: Need Better Name Goddamnit

(Formerly known as the D-Block incident)

Deep inside the tower large clusters of floatbeds quietly and unexpectedly click from Empty to In Progress. It takes a while for humans to notice, and nobody is able to shut it down. In the span of two years, roughly 40,000 people are forcibly added to the population. In the midst of heated discussion and fights over what to do, there is a mad race to up overall life support capacity as the colony rushes to the remainder of recspace - floatbed chambers and locker halls.

L1002: The first murder

Small group of determined colonists venture into the heart of the machine and start flushing floatbeds. Widely condemned, since those inside the floatbeds were likely both sentient and conscious as they died horribly. The murderers as they turned out to be called all got blockers. Some killed themselves, some are still alive.

L1008: Kelner discovers his cavity

Kelner and his team ventures further down through the tower in search of a suitable location for the planned second cluster. They stumble upon a flooded machine hall which becomes the starting point for the Dug-Out when the actual construction begins two years later. The place is dubbed Kelner's Cavity.

L1010: A second cluster

Construction on the second cluster which will become known as the Dug-Out begins in response to the massive inflow of people that began some 20 odd years ago. It was meant to function partly as living spaces, and partly as an emergency lab. The Dug-Out, plagued by fungus and environmental issues stemming from the Dambuster Incident is never a success, and slowly turns into a sinkhole for resources.

L1020: The killing blow

Almost 20 years after the first big one, another large scale disaster strikes. A storm of unexpected magnitude causes a massive flashflood, which in turn hammers through the algae reservoir membrane and floods the fusion reactor below it, causing a brief shutdown and then a massive power spike spreading through the tower.

All systems take extensive damage, an unknown number of people are killed and contact between the two clusters are severed. TAU, already damaged by the tower buster incident, shatters. Critical access to databases and control over many areas and machines are lost. Run-away emergency programmes cause extensive scrapping of microfactories, reducing production capacity to zero in the matter of hours.

L1020: NOW

Game launch (now), a few months after the second flashflood. The colony is sinkholed in trouble and have yet to get back on its feet after the disaster. Much information has been lost and it's hard to get a clear picture of how bad the situation is. In the Habitat many of TAU's databases and swarm processes are unavailable, severely damaged or malfunctioning, and many areas have been sealed off or made inaccessible. Production capacity is still very low as new administrators struggle to get things up and running.
Contact between the two clusters is still unreliable and spotty, but it seems The Habitat fared much better than the lower cluster. Many people are still trapped down in the Dug-Out, struggling to survive and deal with damages.

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[big]Fictive Fragment Sources[/big]

Fictive sources of information used in various data sets (types of data).


1 Da Vinci Memorial Banks (DVMB)
2 Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)
3 Early Day Recollection Series (EDRS)
4 Colonist's Phrase Files (CPF)
5 QuickTip Guide (QTG)
6 TAU Project Archives (TPA)
7 Leena's Notes
8 TAU Security Footage (TSF)
9 TAU Database Recordings (TDR)

Da Vinci Memorial Banks (DVMB)

Series of blog-style entries by various old-timers. Mostly about public/famous events they were part of or present at.

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

An unfinished initiative started around L965 by a loose cross-ring group of people intent on setting down basic information. The project died out a few months after due to internal power struggles.

Maya, Kapstan Collective
Quachi, ring unknown
Gabrad, ring unknown

Early Day Recollection Series (EDRS)

Series of interviews with the remaining of the first hundred. Impressions, anecdotes, and other recollections from the first days of the colony. As only few of the original batch of Da Vincian remains, updates have been scarce in recent times.

Margyan, no title
Fielding, first head of lab
Shikaya, first TAU programmer

Colonist's Phrase Files (CPF)

A post population explosion project from L1015 directed at creating a vernacular guide for newly-growns. The two initiators are a story to themselves. Mirina hailed from the Habitat, Ngala from the Dug-Out. They shared a passion for tying together the split-up tower community, and it turned both into a love affair and the CPF project. In the end it was the passion of their relationship that broke up the project. The recent power spike has since separated them physically as well.

Mirina (strong sense of justice, angry with the occasional superiority of the Habitat crowd)
Ngala (easy-going, more attracted to Mirina's energy and temper than to what it's actually directed at)

QuickTip Guide (QTG)

A series of brief reminder-style entries done shortly after the population explosion. Didn't reach any formal status due to its "lightness" and lack of more detailed and precise data, but saw some use despite the criticism. Died out somewhere early in 1009 and never reached completion.

TAU Project Archives (TPA)

A long-standing archive introduced by the original Da Vincians to keep track of projects, their development and results.


Leena's Notes

Bits and pieces from a personal diary. The diary details this and that, and covers the first year or two after Leena was released from her floatbed through more or less daily entries. The author might be a second-gen. She is not alive anymore.

TAU Security Footage (TSF)

Footage from the extensive network of surveillance cameras distributed throughout the tower. Mostly used by Da Vincians to review events in inaccessible parts of the tower.

TAU Database Recordings (TDR)

A public database outlet for recording and distributing video and audio information. Mostly used to document meetings, speeches, ceremonies, and other official events. Makes it possible to follow current happenings in the tower even while in your floatbed.

Wakid, former Borellian Initiative member

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[big]Access Points (CEP)[/big]

Fragment content

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

Entry: Access Points

Access Points: Intended as a temporary solution to resource hogging and distribution issues. Originally proposed and implemented in L968 by Kinnick of Firmament ring. The system received strong support by a majority of Da Vincians, though some conflict surrounded the implementation. --- Quachi

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[big]Barrier Maintenance Clusters (CEP)[/big]

Fragment content

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

Entry: Barrier Maintenance Clusters

Initial notes: Barrier Maintenance Clusters - BMCs - are the parts of TAU responsible for keeping the canyon waters out of the algae reservoir. Construction was started in L960. The BMCs contain emergency programmes for rapid response to any breaching of the barrier.

Their rights to emergency-scrap any other structure in the tower is a point of contention* --- Maya, Kapstan Collective

Should we have political stuff here? --- Quachi


Information available to colonists on request:

BMCs are the software. The Barrier is the actual physical structure separating the canyon waters from the algae reservoir

Yes, BMCs can essentially order chimbots to scrap factories if they think they need resources.

Some old-timers might remember a lot of arguing over that part - what if the BMCs made a wrong decision and scrapped something vital? It shouldn't be a machine decision.

CEP means Collaborative Encyclopedia Project. See more about that plus Maya and Quachi on the Fictive Fragment Sources page.

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[big]Blockers (QTG)[/big]

Fragment content

QuickTip Guide entry #55: Blockers

((slightly damaged entry))

A punitive or restrictive measure. A modification to a 'link that will keep designated doors, tube lifts, machines and tools from being accessible to the person wearing the blocker. Assigned by democratic vote or [...] trial


Information available to colonists on request:

See Fictive Fragment Sources page for more info on fragment origins

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[big]Debating The Dug-Out, Day 1[/big]

Fragment content

TAU Database Recordings (TDR)

File: Wakid, Borellian Initiative, speaks on the costs of a new cluster, L1011

((audio recording:)) [...] doesn’t take a TAU to figure out that the lower cluster project is draining resources on a wholly unacceptable scale. And I’m not talking about those resources converted into actual living and work spaces. I’m talking about those resources spent every single day upkeeping every single inch of that disastrous mess of a cluster being built down there at the bottom of our little world. So what I propose [...]

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[big]Debating The Dug-Out, Day 3[/big]

Fragment content

TAU Database Recordings (TDR)

File: Emelyn speaks on the costs of a new cluster, L1011

((audio recording:)) [...] what Saffan wants? To halt all progress, and go back on everything we’ve achieved so far. And for what? For fear of dampness and a bad odour? Only three years ago Kelner stumbled upon a flooded storage hall close to the bottom of the tower. Today we have the rudiments of a second cluster. Soon I believe we will have a valid solution for the population explosion problem. So please tell me, Saffan, what hypothetical fears of yours are gonna keep us from reaching that goal? [...]

Re: Seed Data Mining texts


Fragment content

Colonist’s Phrase Files (CPF)

Entry: Dug-Out (disputed)

The Dug-Out is the unofficial name for the new lower tower cluster. The name refers to the fact that huge storage spaces had to be cleared of TF machinery, walls broken down, and vital constructions moved in order to make room for the people sent to live there.* While no longer an actual Dug-Out, the name has stuck with the cluster, and is now even preferred by locals. --- entry by Ngala, L1017

(*) Why not add something about the original state of the place when Kelner found it, and the forced migrations down there? --- love, Mirina


For more info on the Dug-Out see Dug-Out Cluster.

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[big]Dug-Out Cluster[/big]

The second cluster was built in response to the massive inflow of people that began some 20 odd years ago. It was meant to function partly as living spaces, and partly as an emergency lab. Seeing the tower top come clean off in a single stroke had gotten people worried, and the location at the bottom of the tower was decided upon for safety reasons.

It never worked out quite as intended. There was trouble from the first spit on. The cluster was situated too close to the algae sea in an area still smitten with the after-effects of the dambuster flash flood that had burst through the membrane 30 years earlier. Toxic fumes kept creeping up through the structure, corroding the walls and infecting people working there with new and unknown diseases.

Moving the cluster further up the tower was not an option. Excavations had already come a long way, and relocating the project would mean scrapping even more valuable terraforming equipment. A radical ring known as the Prometheus Gang wanted the Dug-Out turned into a gigantic research station for studying alien life forms, but in the end it was decided to finish what had been begun. And so they went on to complete their oversized version of a WW2 bomb shelter, humid and unhealthy.

Ever since the Dug-Out construction project began vast amounts of time and resources have been spent on it. The continuous attempts to stabilize the environment includes cumbersome dehumidifiers and air purifying units, complex self-activating decontamination programmes, and delicate spore-detection equipment. Not to mention the heavy telefactoring machinery used to clear and set up new segments in the cluster. Nobody can disagree that the project has put great strain on the colony as a whole. The question is: was it worth it?

The journey to the bottom of the tower

Kelner and his team made the initial explorations to find a suitable location for the Dug-Out. They climbed down shafts and passageways used by chimbots to reach the inner parts of the tower. Nothing could have prepared them for the depths and the darkness, for the feeling of being lost like a lurch bolt inside a gargantuan machine. Zillah panicked when she slipped. All they heard was her screams – and the dull thud of her body far below. They scrambled down rough heaps of dead machinery trying to pick out Zillah’s body while it was still warm.

They never found their missing friend. Somehow the intricate layout of the tower directed them away from her. They emerged on a gangway high above a glowing sea of light. As if all the stars had been torn from the skies and stowed away in a gigantic chamber at the bottom of the tower. Huge steely structures penetrated the surface of a still reservoir like the remains of a sunken city. The air was moist and stale, and Kelner told everybody to don their face masks before they wound their way down.

It was soon established that they had stumbled upon a machine hall flooded by the dambuster event back in 700 after planetfall. The specks of light were caused by fluorescent lichen and algae covering the walls and terraforming equipment. Considering everything had to be scrapped and recycled anyway they mapped out the area for future settlement. In time this was to become the central core of the second cluster, also known as the Kelner Cavity.

Only a few of Kelner’s original team are still around. Of the five that managed to return to the Habitat two died of a rampant virus contracted in the Cavity, and one was left incapacitated by an infection in the brain. Still, they are remembered as the pioneers of the Dug-Out. Also by those who deem that their discovery has brought more problems than solutions to the tower.

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[big]Expedition Planetfall[/big]

Fragment content

TAU Project Archives

Entry: Expedition Planetfall (not realized)

Manned rover expedition projected by Guirra in L1001. Voted down as impracticable. Idea was to reach the original planetfall site where the first tower is supposed to stand, and look for clues as to why TAU abandoned it. Guirra also hoped that an expedition might hint at early problems in the terraforming process. Increasingly hostile weather conditions have long since made a resumption of the project impossible. --- entry by Freygar, L1012


The project was voted down in favor of an expedition to the blown-off tower top proposed by Julenko

Guirra became joint leader of Julenko's expedition which was named the Guirra-Julenko Expedition

The Guirra-Julenko Expedition is also a data fragment set

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[big]Farewell To Sava[/big]

Fragment content

Da Vinci Memorial Banks (DVMB)

Jarek Speaks at Sava’s body dump in L977

((audio recording:)) Sava wasn’t only the proud founder of our botanical research station – our garden. She was also a stubborn and a careless woman. She sought answers where others asked questions. She went on where others left off. To her, life was nothing more than a game. And winning was always the opposite of losing. Take this from one who knows. She sure beat the goo out of me when once I stood up against her. Once.


For more info on the competition between Sava and Jarek see ‘The Hatchery (Recspace)’

Re: Seed Data Mining texts

[big]The Hatchery (RecSpace)[/big]

Not many people know that what is now known as the Hatch was originally built for altogether different purposes. Initially consisting of only a small recreational space (today’s Floatbed Chambers), the idea was to create a greenspace for experimenting with none-human life forms, such as plants and bacteria, in a controlled environment. Construction began around L930 when Sinian’s Seizure made it painfully clear that the integration of Terran and Da Vincian microbiology wasn’t to be taken at all lightly.

Sava, one of the first hundred and famous for declaring her undying love towards “anything living that doesn’t have a spine” (invertebrates), led the argument for the greenspace. She insisted that terraforming was already off track because empirical research and confined experiments weren’t properly prioritized. TAU simulations clearly weren’t adequate when it came to determining the long-term effects of large-scale terraforming approaches. Anybody taking a peek out of the window would know that. “People can’t even leave the tower anymore without exposing themselves to rampant microbial attacks,” she reminded her fellow colonists.

Her fiercest opponent was the radical Jarek who argued that the tower was neither built for living nor for growing vegetables. It was a scientific workstation set up with the explicit aim of terraforming the planet as quickly and efficiently as possible, and any attempt at turning it into something different would inevitably fail. “Creating enclosed, self-sustainable environments inside the tower,” he would warn, “is like digging a well without bringing a ladder. It will make us lose the outlook, the momentum and the focus needed to take this colony to the outside. A hundred years from now we’ll all be living like simple complacent beasts in some lush placebo jungle with no hope or wish of ever leaving it.”

Though Jarek’s prophecy has not exactly come true, there are still those who feel that he spoke a deeper truth than people like to acknowledge. Cushions won’t get you out of your seat, spikes will.

There were other arguments against the greenspace, too. Some felt that letting non-terrestrial life forms out of the test tube was an open invitation to disaster. Others would rather the area was used for production facilities to increase proliferation and precision of existing probes and rovers. The debate surely was not the first among the young Da Vincian population – neither was it to be the last – but it showed for the first time the existence of distinct groups or factions within the community.

Unabated by all the heated discussions Sava pressed on. In L931 she grew the colony’s first tree in a depressurized plasteel container fed by a tube from a lab machine. She carried the small Japanese bonzai variant with her through the unexplored service tunnels leading away from the then recreational areas, and replanted it in what was to become known as Sava’s Garden. Back then it was just a crowded storage facility for worn terraforming equipment, but soon Sava’s followers set up camp in the area. They brought a wide array of botanical and microbiological experiments with them, and though there was still opposition to the project the average colonist found it hard, even unreasonable, to evict somebody from a place nobody used, or had even known about before Sava stumbled upon it.

In the years that followed Sava’s Garden grew to become a beautiful and most important research station into the complicated separation and synthesis of different life forms. Corridors and an extra radlock was built to properly connect it to the rest of the cluster, and patching up and expanding the place became a joint effort of the whole colony. Oppositional voices died down, and Sava’s achievement became an example to follow.

In the end she fell ill to a simple microbial infection while analyzing an indigenous algae brought in from the outside, and died unexpectedly. Perhaps she had been in the danger zone for too long, and had become careless of precautions. “A weakness to the feeble-minded, “ Jarek, her one-time adversary, said at the ceremonial body dump, “but a strength to the strong-willed.” A tree planted in memory of her can still be seen in her garden, on your right just by the entrance.

With the onset of the D-Block Incident things changed dramatically. The recreational areas were converted into floatbed access stations, and more space was needed to accommodate for the coming invasion in numbers. Sava’s vision of an experimental greenspace was converted into something more like a laid-out park. It became part of a larger area generally referred to as the Hatchery, or sometimes just the Hatch. Whatever the name it functions as a receiving station for the newly released, complete with locker halls and a more dynamic floatbed setup than the original stationary one. You might say that people have taken the place of experiments.

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Floatbeds (CEP)

Fragment content

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

Entry: Floatbeds

Floatbeds: The average floatbed will enable its occupant to stay submerged for an indefinite amount of time under normal conditions. This makes it a perfect escape pod. Even if the floatbed should somehow be ejected from the Core chambers, it will be able to sustain life for a significant amount of time by inducing coma and rationing intake of nutrients --- Maya, Kapstan Collective.

We linking to the specs? -- Quachi

Need focus on original use, thanks --- Gabrad


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[big]Grazers (CEP)[/big]

Fragment content

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

Entry: Grazers

Informal note: "Grazers" is the common word for the long-lived massive storms scouring the tundra raw and sandblasting the tower with sand so fine it passes even through the hull sealings. Grazers starting being a problem around L930 where they shut down a succession of probe missions and short range expeditions -- Quachi

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[big]Green Tilt (CEP)[/big]

Fragment content

Collaborative Encyclopedia Project (CEP)

Entry: Green Tilt

An influential group working on the modified ecopoiesis, which aimed at taking control of native microbial fauna and flora and using it as a step into a more terran ecosphere. Also the group responsible for the engineered black algae that melted the Gliman gletcher (see Black Land project) -- Maya


Information available to colonists on request:

See Fictive Fragment Sources page for more info on fragment origins

About Timeline Highlights for Black Land project damages

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Fragment content

Colonist’s Phrase Files (CPF)

Entry: Greenspacer

A member of The Greenspace Ring founded by Sava in L930. Sinian’s death (see Sinian’s Seizure) had emphasized the increasing danger from microbes. The new ring highlighted the challenge of adapting Terran and Da Vincian life forms to each other. They went on to create an artificial environment for carrying out botanical and microbiological experiments. Today what’s left of the research station is known as Sava’s Garden. --- entry by Mirina & Ngala, L1016


For more info on Sava, Greenspacers, and their infiltration of the Fueler Ring see the Hatchey – Sava’s Garden.

Re: Seed Data Mining texts

[big]The Hatchery: Sava's Garden[/big]


Once a serious research station aimed at performing complex botanical and microbiological experiments within an artificial environment, today the value of Sava’s Garden is more of an aesthetic one. The argument is not so much about whether having a greenspace is advisable and productive to the overall mission, but whether it is a proper use of the limited space available in the tower.

When research in Sava’s Garden was abandoned to accommodate a growing community, the few hardpoints down in the back were only left standing because of the insistence of the now disbanded Homeland Ring. Kieran, head of the ring, had to promise to move hazardous microbiological experiments elsewhere, and only use the hardpoints for friendly machinery, such as sharepoints and climate controllers.

Over time a grinding lack of machinery and hardpoint facilities slackened the resistance. Non-pollutive production was allowed, and later the only requirement was proper filtering and waste disposal. Today, with the situation spun almost out of control, anything goes, it seems. Nobody is around to check it, and nobody has the energy to care. However, it does seem inevitable that it will become an issue once again when things have stabilized somewhat. Should the original hardpoint slots covering the garden floor be re-opened, or should the remaining few be dismantled once and for all? And what with sealing off the area and returning to Sava’s vision of a self-sufficient eco-systemic simulator only to be entered in full hazmat gear?

Unofficial information

’The Hatchery (Recspace)’ elaborates a lot on the sparse information given in the "Sava's Garden" write-up.

Sava probably wasn’t part of any ring prior to establishing her garden in the old storage facility in The Hatchery. Her ring - The Greenspace Ring - more likely appeared when followers started crowding around her, supporting her idea of creating an enclosed indoor simulation of an outdoor Da Vincian environment.

For sure, she was experimenting with introducing Terran plants, microorganisms, and perhaps even small insects to a Da Vincian environment, studying the development and potential mutations. It's even possible that some of the greenery seen in the garden today is vested with Da Vincian flora.

After the abandonment of the garden as a research facility, and since Sava's death (see the above link), her notes, observations, and results were stowed away in the stash of The Greenspace Ring. Later the ring was disbanded, and only continued as a small radical fraction of Greenspacers covertly trying to introduce Da Vincian flora in the tower.

This new fraction was never officially organized as a ring, and some believe that the existence of it is just a rumor. Anyway, it never had much success, and nothing has been heard from it in decades. One thing it did manage, though, was doing away with Sava's research results. TAU might have a copy somewhere, but with the current state of the AI it would take some severe digging to find out.

One of the reasons for the anonymity of the breakaway fraction is that it has infiltrated and subverted other rings, such as the Fueler Ring. Pillane might actually be one of the original members of The Greenspace Ring whose name figures on the old ring member list if colonists care to have a closer look.

The "Fungi in the Walls" plot as carried out by The Fueler Ring has therefore actually been orchestrated by members of the old breakaway fraction from The Greenspace Ring. You can be quite sure that Sava wouldn't be very proud of her former fellow Greenspacers who endanger the whole colony in order to carry out their own distorted version of her original vision. But sometimes the apple does indeed fall far from the tree.

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[big]Guirra-Julenko Expedition[/big]

Fragment description

In L1004 the Guirra-Julenko expedition set out to find the tower top that had been blown off by a meteor four years earlier. They were to determine what terraforming machinery had been lost, and whether it could be salvaged. The expedition never returned. The exact circumstances of its disappearance have never been properly clarified.

Fragment content

Hamie’s ’link diary

[Transcript of recordings aired on emergency frequency from Rover XW-155. Intercepted by TAU on day 129 of the Guirra-Julenko expedition in L1004. First communication received from the expedition in 85 days. No later communications received. Hamie and the rest of the mission team still reported as missing.]

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: -1

The Guirra-Julenko expedition departs tomorrow. And I’m going with them. Can’t really believe it, though. Only yesterday I was at the window, thinking that one day it might be me venturing outside. And now that day has already come. Because of Fender’s accident.

They say flames just happened to shoot out of a hatch as he was walking by. Licked the skin right off the poor guy’s face. Left arm caught fire, too. They might even have to replace it. The same way I’m replacing him on the expedition team. As if I was any replacement at all. A third-gen for a first-gen. Wonder what Guirra thinks of all this?

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 0

We’re on a roll down the ravine! The two rovers left tower base this morning. Amphibious-style. I travel with Guirra and a botanist called Lenia. Beautiful as a flower. Julenko and TF machinery expert Reynolds are floating up ahead. It’s a calm day.

Lenia tells me that people used to go outside all the time. That was before the weather started getting worse. And before the cross-breeds started making you sick. And certainly before that rock scalped the tower.

I wonder what we’ll find up there on the tundra. I promise I won’t return until I know. I owe it to Fender, and I owe it to the colony. But most of all I owe it to myself and all the other newlybreds. If it wasn’t for that scalp we probably wouldn’t even have been grown.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 12

We’ve left the river canyon behind, and started winding our way back up through the landscape. The rovers are doing fine. Except we lost a float coming out of the water. Julenko jumped right in, and helped us beach the thing. Pretty good for a 104-year old. Except for Reynolds she’s probably the strongest one around here.

We’ve been seeing a lot of Julenko lately. When she isn’t driving the other rover, she spends most of her time in ours. Planning and plotting with Guirra. Lenia told me the two of them used to be enemies. Competitors, at least. Something about a project war a few years back. Apparently Julenko came out the winner. No wonder. She’s really something.

It’s funny. Two weeks ago I barely knew who she was. Guirra, on the other hand, everybody knows. I guess he’s made more of a name for himself. Being so dedicated to everything he does. Or perhaps it’s just how he talks about it. Anyway, he seems very focused on this expedition. I’m sure he won’t allow us to fail.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 20

We’re high up on the tundra now. We’ve got plenty of blacks and whites, and all the shades of grey too. But no colors. Except when the clouds part to give us a glimpse of the purplish sky. I’m still waiting for a clear day to properly see the sun rise and set. Everything’s so vast up here. For the first time in my life I can sense a beginning and an end. To what, I’m not sure.

Seems Guirra and Julenko were up to more than just planning and plotting. They’ve been going out for long walks together, and I can tell that something’s changed between them. I’d never have thought Guirra would allow feelings to come between him and the expedition. Perhaps it’s the landscape that does it. I can feel it, too.

Last night I went over to Julenko’s rover. Reynolds was out fixing the snow plough. I just wanted to be alone with her for a while. Guess Guirra did too. I’m sure I interrupted something. Can’t even remember what I said. If anything at all.

Back outside I lent Reynolds a hand with the plough. He says that the terrain’s been tougher on the vehicles than expected. And it’s gonna get worse the higher we climb. We might have to scrap one of the rovers for spare parts, and continue in the other. All together. One big happy family.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 37

Something happened last night. Something bad. I’m sure. Only, I’m not sure what. All I know is that I woke up this morning in the back of the rover with the shrill screams of the wind still in my ears. Outside the weather had calmed, but the ice was still sizzling with electricity from the storm. And Julenko’s rover was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Lenia. I hope she’s alright.

I found Guirra in the cockpit. Driving slowly ahead, staring blankly across the tundra. He almost jumped when he saw me. As if he hadn’t expected me to be there. Or perhaps he was just lost in thought. He’s been like that all day. Moves about jerkily, only gives out information in sudden bursts.

I asked him about the other rover. He said they’d decided to take different routes to the site. Just like that? Without telling anybody? When I asked him about Lenia he didn’t answer. I wanted to call up Julenko to know if Lenia was with her, but communications were down. Probably because of the electric storm last night. Hopefully they’ll be back up again tomorrow.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 61

It’s been 24 days now, and still no sight or sound of Julenko and the other rover. I’m beginning to fear that we’ll never see them again. The tundra doesn’t ever seem to change. Just keeps on rolling. I feel even more lonesome and isolated up here than I did back in the tower. Guess we weren’t grown for all this ... space.

Yesterday Guirra admitted that we’re lost. They never did decide to split up the expedition. And there never were two secure routes to the site. He told me all straight-faced. Like he would tell me to raise oxygen levels in the cabin. As if I’d known it all along. Perhaps I had. But still. What about Julenko? What about Lenia? What about the expedition?

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 77

He just lies there, on the floor of the rover. His body trembles whenever there’s a bump in the road. Sometimes I think he’s having a fit. Then I remember that he’s dead. That I’ve killed him.

He was out walking again. Travel pack full of empty samples as usual. I sat in the cockpit. Watched him grow smaller and smaller. Until he was just a dot on the horizon. No bigger than the dot on the navigation screen. That was when I decided to check up on our coordinates. Don’t know why I hadn’t before.

Rover’s 380 klicks north-northeast of the crash site. And counting. Navigation systems are a big mess up out here, and pre-plotting is almost impossible. But even a method of trial and error couldn’t have been so consistently wrong as this.

I almost ran him down trying to catch up with him in the rover. Even forgot to wear my gear when I jumped out. The frost was biting into my hands and face, but I didn’t care. I shouted about him betraying the mission. About leading us off track. About stealing away my dreams. I kept on asking him why, but he wouldn’t answer. Just kept on telling me to calm down.

I think I snapped when he mentioned Julenko’s name. Suddenly we were on the ground, grappling in the snow. I must have torn the glasteel tube from his belt. I can still see it coming down on his head, again and again. Almost mechanical. Chipping away at the idol that I had come to hate. And then he was dead. Soon, I think, I’ll be too.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 88

I’ve been going over the data six or seven times now. Guirra’s personal log file and ’link recordings. Wasn’t too difficult to crack the code. The old geezer didn’t know the first thing about spectral signature encryption. Guess they didn’t need too much of it back in the day when things were still going smoothly.

I think I know what the old dissension between Guirra and Julenko was all about. Seems Guirra wanted to take an expedition to the original planetfall site. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps he knew something others don’t. Something about why TAU decided to change locations, and build a new tower. Perhaps it was just an idea, an obsession.

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep his body in here with me until I find out. What I once owed to Fender and my own stranded generation, I now owe to Julenko and the rest of the mission team. Wonder where they are. If they made it on their own.

’link ID #2526-Hamie

Mission Day: 129

I can’t believe what I’m seeing. I’ve been driving through snow and sleet forever now. Schubert’s piano sonatas playing at full volume. Found them in the rover’s music library. Guess Guirra put them there before the trip.

Guirra. Dumped his body some hundred klicks down the road. Didn’t really need it anymore. It’s my expedition now. And I just reached the goal.

It’s right there. The first tower. Right down there in the crater where the iceberg first slammed the ground. Looks as if it’s been flayed alive.

Construction’s starting to show through the hull. Ground’s covered in debris. Can’t get any radio contact either. Think I’ll just go down and take a look for myself. I have to. I have to know.

The rover is out of the question. Even if I got it down there, I’d never be able to get it back up. Should be able to make it in two or three days on foot, though. Who needs floatbeds anyway? I’ve been living off this tube-fed goo stuff for months now. If anything, a little break will only make me more Terran.

Sometimes I wish somebody was here to laugh politely at all my stupid jokes. Perhaps some day, somebody will. I’ll be sure to transmit all my recordings before I leave the rover. Just in case I don’t return. Just in case I make a decent home for myself down there. And decide to stay.

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[big]Hardpoints (QTG)[/big]

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QuickTip Guide entry #34: Hardpoints

Hardpoints are sockets for microfactories. A hardpoint supplies a microfactory with necessary raw materials and power, and handle waste disposal as well. A hardpoint always belongs to an administration bit.

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[big]Hatch Fungus (personal message)[/big]

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((fragment of personal message timestamped L931, author unknown))

So regarding the hatch damage agent or hatch fungus[...] I've come to believe that the fungus cultures we [...] thrives in hatches [...] rubber materials [...] causing slow but serious damage [...] sprayed for two weeks, but didn't get around to [...] was sick - pneumonia once again and we don't know why [...] done.

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Homeyer Transmissions

Overall fragment description: This seems to be a damaged collection of transmissions on the open 'link messaging band between two or more people. It carries the timestamp '1020' and might have originated in the now disaster-struck Dug-Out cluster.

Fragment content

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:18: Ok, let's get this sucker strapped down. I need the lurch bolts down here in a sec. You coming? I'm in the cryoproduction complex, deep storage chambers, ah, 1 or 5. Lemme check...

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:19: On my way. Passing through chamber radlock now. Man, this is slow going. I should have tried Yveis' crawl space instead.

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:22: Yveis has no clue if it's safe or not - so don't. I'm in 3, not 1 or 5. ID didn't show up properly. Somethings messing with the area network again.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:24: Whole area's been acting up the past days. It's ancient shit, Sergei. I think [...] would be a good [...] and [...]..

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:26: Homeyer, your signal is dropping below threshold. Just so you know. Forgot swapping power cells again?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:27: [laughs] No, must be interference from the hullslammer out there. I'll bet you a fistful of PTs that it's going to get a lot worse.

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:28: Coming through loud and clear now. And we'll be fine. Ain't been no storm big enough to shake our socks yet. You planning to make me wait all day?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:29: Just around the corner [...] Wait ... Ah [curses]. I forgot the bolt driver. It's gonna be pure ass monkey work if [...] I'll be right ... [...].

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:30: No copy to that, you're breaking up Homeyer. You did what?

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:32: Homeyer?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:35: [intense noise and static] ... something's up with the radlock. I can't get access [...] gonna slip through the [...] and see if I can find a shortcut [..] stay put and [...] deal?

Sergei| N39 36.266 W105 07.400|1020/01/28*15:06:36: Homeyer [...] weird vibrations here [...] wall's doing something strange and [...] offline and I don't like this at all [...] You there?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*15:06:42: [...] not receiving and I think [cut short by a sudden sizzling barrage of noise]


Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*18:01:56:[weak voice] This is Homeyer to Sergei. Sergei, you copy? You out there? Sergei?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*18:02:14: This is Homeyer. I don't know [coughs] what happened ... lot of noise and then .. I was on the ground ... [coughs]. And I think I've got a head injury ... or I don't know [coughs] ... dizzy. Very hot in here.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*19:45:02: Sergei, I think I'm badly hurt and I need you to come by ... uh, get the coords from my 'link location [coughs] ... And we need a laser cutter for the doors, I think.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*19:45:03: Sergei? Anybody?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*19:45:04: [faint voice] This is Homeyer. I am broadcasting from [distorted noise]... chambers and the air is not too good so ... please if you hear this, I need ... [...] signal keeps breaking up [...] find a way out. If anybody is hearing this, I ... [coughs] .. I'm hurt and I need assistance.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/28*21:11:01: [drugged voice] On my last stabshot. Still no sign of assistance. I can .. only assume we are worse off than I though.. [coughs].. and that something big has occurred. I have very little information to work from. Things went so fast ... I think lightning struck around here .. [long silence] ... lightning makes no sense this close to the core ..

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*02:09:33: [weak voice] This is Homeyer calling anybody. I've been sleeping for ... don't know how long [coughs] and I'm mighty thirsty. Tried ... exploring a bit, but seem to get blackouts ... [long silence] ...

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*02:09:45: [muffled sounds in the background] The air is very humid and hot ... My lungs are bust. There's something in here... in the air. I tried the latches on the doors, but they are jammed shut ... [long silence]

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*02:10:23: [hissing in the background] I can't hear any human sounds .. there's a loud hissing from the other side of the wall, like jets of steam. And there's ...been this banging ... [silence] ... now and again, but I don't think it's made by a human... maybe a damaged chimbot ...

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*05:55:00: This is Homeyer at N39 36.266 W105 05.400, requiring assistance ... [long silence] I guess nobody's out there to listen to this, or you can't reach me. I hope we're still in business ... [bad coughing] .. and, uh, that the hull is holding up. Hello?

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*06:12:13: I've been listening to ... some [coughs] ... deep thuds for the past hours and they seem to be related to ... [long silence] .. there it was again. I wonder ...

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*09:42:57: This is Homeyer. I think [painful coughing] .. I've been doing some readings and I think I've ... figured out the noise. As far as I know [long silence] .. I'm directly below the suspended moisture tank array and I think .. it's coming down ... here [coughs]. A whole lot of liquid stored up there.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/29*10:33:42: Here it comes - I wa [a series of massive crashing sounds cut transmission short]

Homeyer| N39 23.266 W105 19.400|1020/01/29*22:15:21: [almost inaudible, loud sounds of rushing water in the background] This is Homeyer at ... I don't know where the fuck I am. I'm in some sort of pipe, and it's freezing cold here. I don't know what happened .. tanks came down, something smacked me down... I'm somewhere else now, uh, and .. .

Homeyer| N39 23.266 W105 19.400|1020/01/29*22:15:22:.. and I'm lying on my back in water - running water - going down past me very fast. I seem to be jammed between something ... If anybody gets this message, try to get my coords off it. I can't see much and ... uh, water is rising again ...

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/30*02:44:13: [echo as from an immensely big room] This is Homeyer ... in, ah, fuck, the Core ... I'm floating in the Core. It must be .. it. I've tied myself to a foam crate but ... the walls are incredible .. I've never seen anything like it. I must be .. uh, above the fermentation tanks .. they must have got flooded .. ahahah [coughs] there's likely all sorts of vicious stuff I'm floating in. I'll try to ... hang on. If anybody gets this, I, uh ... I need assistance badly.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/30*04:55:48: [chattering teeth] This is Homeyer, broadcasting from ... somewhere, somewhere in the Core. Water's risen a lot in the past hours .. I'm simply floating and being pulled up ... can't see the Plate at all, so still more than a click from it ... I think. I can't move ... just float along. Don't think I'm gonna last here ... Sergei, if you are listening to this, I just wanted to, uh, say that ... it's been good. I wish we could have ... ah, this is fucking stupid. I wish we'd talked better. But you know.

Homeyer| N39 36.266 W105 05.400|1020/01/30*08:44:55: [very faint] This is Homeyer. I'm alive. It's amazing ... it wasn't a crate ... it was one of the auxiliary life support modules [coughs] I've managed to get inside it and I'm going to induce a coma ... in a moment. And sleep ... I hope .. somebody hears this .. I'll set the module to broadcast my position ... at low frequency to save .. power and all. If the water [coughs] keeps rising, this won't matter .. but it didn't for some hours and I think .. it's stabilizing. I hope .. somebody hears this. This is [coughs] Homeyer of the Mason Fairly ring logging out for now ...


Information available to colonists on request

The above transmissions occur just before and in the hours after the power spike of L1020

Homeyer's life support module is still somewhere in the core close to the Habitat canyon. If colonists wanted to put down the effort, he could be retrieved.

Sergei is dead.

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[big]King Cluster[/big]

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Colonist’s Phrase Files (CPF)

Entry: King Cluster

Widely used nickname for the Habitat. Said to have originated among alienated old-timers who left for the Dug-Out when construction was begun around L1010. Refers to the fact that the Habitat was the first cluster in the tower, and that people living there tend to see themselves as somewhat superior to those living ”below decks”. Unexpectedly the name has also been picked up by the Habitats themselves. Some use it with a twinkle in the eye, others with a thinly disguised sense of pride. --- entry by Mirina, L1015


For more info on the King Cluster see Habitat Cluster.

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[big]Habitat Cluster[/big]

The tower was never meant to contain other clusters than this one. It sits dead centre halfway up the looming structure. This is where the first hundred Da Vincians were released from their floatbeds 120 years ago. TAU had not been able to get a proper foothold on the planet, and Plan B was initiated – introducing people in the tower to help out with the terraforming process.

Then the Habitat only consisted of Ringlab Alpha and a single Floatbed Chamber. Places like the garden and the canyon are later additions. They were decided upon when more people were released and it became clear that an outside settlement was far in the future. The introduction of the first hundred had not been the success TAU’s programmers back on Earth had hoped for. Though all were intent on the same goal not everybody agreed on how to reach it.

Ever since the Rock Incident prompted TAU to activate thousands of floatbeds things have taken an ugly turn in the Habitat. Ambition has lent itself to factionalism and infighting. Now working with somebody means working against somebody else. Starting up one project means killing off another. Too many people, too few resources. Always the same old squabble. Always the same old wounds breaking open.

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[big]The King Cluster [/big]

Nobody really knows who first used the term ”King Cluster” about the Habitat. It probably originated among alienated old-timers who left for the Dug-Out when it was first settled some 15 or 20 years ago. Today the name is almost as widely spread as ”The Habitat”. Even people who live in the cluster are known to use it. Some with a twinkle in the eye, others with a thinly disguised sense of pride.

The name itself refers to a certain air of arrogance sometimes found around people living in the Habitat. They tend to see themselves as superior to those living ”below decks”, as they say. The Habitat was the first cluster, and the only place in the tower ever meant for humans. Great visions and reforms can only come from here. Though others might remark that without servants there would not be any kings.