Topic: The Great Caravan?

From reading the posts here and on the Ryzom site, I've discovered that:-

1: The four races appear to go to different areas on the mainland when they leave the Newbie Island.

2: Travel on Atys is very difficult and dangerous, and requires that a groups of experienced fighters escort people along the journey in order for people to arrive safely. (Are there Karavan Teleporters? Are these widespread?)

3: Ryzom Ring, which people will be using if we decide to create a permanent headquarters, requires that people explore as much of Atys as possible and collect respawn points in order to be used for full effect.

((Anyone with information or experience that contradicts this, feel free to correct me.))

Puting all this together, I propose that we should make moving around Atys, first to regroup and then to explore, our first objective in the game.

Before leaving the island, anyone wishing to join the "Great Caravan" should state their wish to do so. Upon arrival on the mainland, the four groups assemble and plan their moves to the common destination point. Then, once all groups are assembled, we can begin moving from region to region, exploring the world.

This would ensure that the community stays together after leaving the newbie island, provide a sense of purpose and an achievable goal for our new arrivals, and allow us to gain experience- both in and out of character- of the game world.

The details will need to be filled in, and I might be wrong on some of my key assumptions... But what do people think of the general concept?

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Re: The Great Caravan?

Just... don't call it the "Great Caravan", okay? My character would never join something that sounds like "Great Karavan", and being illiterate couldn't tell the difference.:)

Re: The Great Caravan?

You're absolutely right, Tantavalist. What you might not know is that we're actually rather ahead of you, IC. There are plans for meeting up and for where to go between a core group of us. Hopefully word and inspiration will spread IC. smile

Re: The Great Caravan?

Victoria would join the Great Caravan, when we are ready for it.

Teleports are all around of the lands. Usually there is two in every town, one karavan and one kami. Teleport tickets HAS to be buyed from the location where the teleport is located. When You teleport, what means using teleport ticket, You are teleported back to teleport location, where You buyed the teleport ticket. Also the ticket will be gone as been used, so You need to buy new one. One teleport ticket does cost like 12000.

Usually Treks = Great Caravans are made for new players to collect some teleport ticket, so that they have possibility travel easyer. This kind of around of world trek can last 3-6 hour. With roleplaying and looking around even more..

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