Topic: Voting Results for Year 105

((This is a short summary of the various votes that the PCs have been involved with.))

Restoring Life Support Project vs The Tubelift Central Collective on the CCSDE machine: Restoring Life Support Project wins by 7 votes (Votes for RLS: Stayn 2, Andrea 2).

The Stargazers vs The Watch on one of the Garden workbenches: The Stargazers win by 7 votes (Votes to Stargazers: Mike 1, Relay 3, Tagato 6).

Hansila vs Tower Engineering Society on Hansila's sharepoint: Tower Engineering Society wins by 8 votes (Votes to Hansila: Mike 3, Andrea 3, Relay 4, Tagato 1).

Corteza gains great advantage, winning 70 % of the elections she was involved with (Votes to Corteza: Mike 3, Andrea 2). Many rings, including The Horizon, lose ground to her.

The Horizon keeps most of the factories needed for their production, except for a couple lost to Corteza (Votes to The Horizon: Mizuki 7, Ishi 7).

(Other votes: Stayn 5)