Topic: New Eden

So, seeing as another bout of nostalgia seems to have hit us on the IRC, I thought I'd create a topic on the Ring called New Eden, so we can collect together any information we had about this Ring and what they were about. My memory is a bit rusty and Esme was released from the floatbeds well into the story. So information here is from Esme's perspective, and may not be completely accurate.

Esme heard rumours of the New Eden Ring and was interested in them because they seemed to be geared towards Terraforming, a goal of her own Gaia Ring.

She was interested in making contact with Ringmembers, so she could strengthen the movement towards moving outside of the Tower. However, she never knowingly met any of the Ringmembers.

Esme had a theory that New Eden might have been a spin off of the original Greenspace Ring, which disbanded on Sava's death.