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After a brief talk on IRC on the size of the images we use in our sigs we have agreed on the following format:


The reason for choosing this:
1) bandwidth
2) messing up the forum threads, to big sigs would the design.
3) If the sigs are to "tall" you have to scoll a lot to read the posts.

My own suggestion is to make the image sigs as small as you can.
I havent been able to find a setting in the admin pannel that automaticly puts in these limits so we have to check the size of the images ourselves.

If you dont agree with the choice remmeber to let us all know! smile

Re: Signature size

There are no option for image size indeed as the image are not uploaded on your server. I dont even know if it's possible to code easily. I'll look at that when i have more time..

*looks at her huge amount of work*

leave me 2 or 3 weeks big_smile

Anyway my personnal wish is only one signature by persons by thread. or else it's very tirering to read.

Re: Signature size

Hehe smile

I dont know if it can be made so you only view the sigs once per thread?
There is an option under profile -> Display where you can disable *all* sigs (and images in the sigs)

Re: Signature size

I'm working on a new version for the forum, in the new version we will be able to choose to show the signature or not, there will also be some new moderation feature like cutting thread, merging post. There will also a new balise spoiler.

I'll try to put it on sunday.

Just one other question, do you think a calendar should be useful? it may be nice for birthday or for big rp event.

Re: Signature size

I think a calendar would be a great idea. I've seen it put to good use on RP guild sites in the past.
Will there also be further subcategories possible? smile

Re: Signature size

It's also on my ToDo list ^^

can you send me the template you did too? so it will be integrated for the upgrade

Re: Signature size

I can, but I still need to clear a few things about it. IRC would be good. smile