Topic: Seeds of Atys recruitment text

((Found this on the Ryzom forums, well buried, and it seems I never posted it here, so..))

((this notice, written in a flowery, elegant script, has been posted at bars, stables and apartment entrances in all 4 major cities))

The Seeds of Atys

Atys is threatened. Slowly getting overrun by Kitin and infested by Goo while many homins are busy fighting each other for faith and greed. They are busy not working together, busy not seeing the danger, busy not learning from the past, and busy not understanding that we are all equals, no matter religion or race.

This must stop, and it must stop as soon as possible. If we do not unite in purpose, we will soon have more trouble on our hands than hominkind can handle. Why are we fighting each other, when the Kitin stand ready to invade once more, and the Goo is slowly, unstoppingly spreading, corrupting all it touches? Why are we so blind, so intolerant, so set in our ways and lives?

Too many guilds of homins have no over-arching goals. They focus on acquisition of riches and skills, but to what purpose? Some focus on killing fellow homins, be it for faith, simple greed or thrill, others focus on providing a family or circle of friends. Many do a mix of these things.

Where are the guilds that want to change Atys, want to make it a better, safer place to live in for all? The guilds who see that intolerance and blind faith only lead to pain for all of Atys? The guilds that want to live and die for higher ideals?

A few are out there, and we are one of them.

The founders of the Seeds have all met each other in the ranger camp at Silan - the rangers taught us the value of cooperation and respect between races - even between faiths. In Silan, we also learned the joys of exploration and friendship. The Seeds of Atys have emerged from this soil. We represent those who wish for hominkind to band together and fight the great dangers, growing and learning together along the way. Our goals are ambitious:

- Demonstrate that homins of different races and religions can stand together
- Study and fight both Goo and Kitin

We are a young guild spending much time training and exploring Atys in preparation for achieving our goals. For now our resources are limited, but if what we stand for resonates within you, you will be able to take part in shaping the guild - hopefully being part of something that will one day make a real difference to Atys.

Along the way, you will find friends to share joys and sorrows with, friends to help and get helped by, and friends with whom to explore and wonder.

For more information, or for meeting us face to face, you can contact any one of our current council members: Perun, Kendrus, Wheri or Dagannys.

For Atys!


we are a pure RP-only guild - open for those who wish to immerse themselves fully in their chars, going where the roleplay leads them. Our general rules are simple:

- always stay IC, unless using brackets (()) or [] for OOC
- generally avoid the use of OOC in public or guild channels

Experienced roleplayers will know what is implied by this, and we'll be happy to help new roleplayers settle into it. We also have our own take on ingame matters such as communication, death and respawning. What matters is not age or experience, but that you want to roleplay fully. If you do not like roleplaying or only roleplay part-time then the Seeds will not suit you.

We have a forum and our own IRC server for being social and OOC - we have a great community spirit and some of us are playing several games together. The forum (and in the future a homepage too) can be found at

(This site is not just for the Seeds of Atys, it is a place for all online roleplayers, regardless of guild. It is our hope to gather roleplayers from online MMOG's and give them a community and other RP friends to be with, making it easier for all of us to experience the RP we crave so much)