Topic: One burger to many?

Ignorance and mockery has finally been deployed as a serious hard hitting viable form to spread commercial information. Burger King after decades of research finally discovered that the most honest opinion about a product can only be given by people who never saw a given product. In BK's case this would be a burger.

The goal: documenting a comparable study between a Whopper and a Big Mac
Location: : Remote (read: Uncivilized) Rural (read: Backward) Foreign (read: not yet invaded by US Marines) locations.
Study objects: Locals who have never eaten a burger in any form.

The set-up as it was, might still be plausible for a fun mockumentary. Thrown in a bunch of overacting stereotypes and let them lose on some fastfood...sadly enough they went for traditional dressed people who behave awkwardly at the sight of a burger. This might sound innocently enough, but you really need to watch it to understand the degree of humiliation that seems to be intended.
I hate political correctness just as much as any other more or less intelligent person, however there is always the case of that one gay-joke that slipped from fun into homophobic behavior. This commercial/documentary is in my opinion the proverbial gay-joke that slipped.

First off it oozes some kind of weird superiority feeling towards people who know what a burger is. Secondly the commercial floats on the presumption that these people have no clue what the idea is of two slices of bread with something eatable in between. Thirdly the whole thing dresses itself up as a serious documentary
I've stepped in the Michael Moore trap myself very often, but at least he offered some tongue in the cheek situations. WhopperVirgins is devoid of any subtle humor at all. It feels like a performance in the zoo where monkeys are dressed up as humans and forced to run around with a caddy and a stuffed dog on wheels.

Burger King....stick to flipping meat. Cultural ignorance is already practiced by the masses, no need to spread it further.