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I know...old news but I havent tried it before today and there isnt a thread about it on the forum :mrgreen: 

World of Goo is great! Play it if you havent!

Really cool gameplay, amazing level design, great soundtrack and its a puzzle game with a storyline (well..sort of hehe) !

Some of the levels can be a bit tricky but so far I haven been able to do them all (just got to chapter 3, out of 5 in total i think)

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wtf? world of goo? UIh.. Never heard of it. Sounds like a rip-off wink

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*slaps darkhawk*

hey! Its no shame being waaaaay behind on gaming news wink

It may be a rip-off of lemmings...but that doesnt make it any less fun to play

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Just tried it yesterday, but I'm more inclined to compare it with Bridge Builder and similar games than Lemmings.

Either way, it seems to be fun.

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It was really fun. I played it on the Wii and finished it in 30 hours with every OCD. I was really bad in building the tower though, only reached 28.4m