Topic: 13.09.104 - The Recording, part 2

The meeting concerning the recording about Sebastian happens on schedule, on 13.9.

Bahar calls the meeting to start, although that's hardly necessary. Everyone's already talking about Marco's incident, spreading all sorts of rumors about the events in McGregor's appartment.

Mizuki sits together with the other Horizon members, watching the proceedings calmly.

McGregor, along with Marco, is a center of attention, with people asking him what kinds of things happen in his lounge and if Marco might just be covering up some weird stuff he was doing.

Ishi sits with the rest of the Horizon.

McGregor feeds these rumors by describing countless wild sexual practices he's been teaching some of his more interested pupils.

Mizuki raises an eyebrow.

Mike sits next to Mizuki and Ishi

Ishi tries to spot Huo.

Huo sits near Ishi and Zeven.

"You did well saving Marco's life Ishi.", Mizuki says with a tiny smile while looking at Ishi, dark eyes passing over Huo briefly, wondering.

Bahar asks Hussen, Marco, and La, to report on their findings about the recording.

Ishi: "Well, I wasn't very likely to just leave someone lying there, was I?"

La explains that she didn't find any flaws, even though she examined the recording three times.

Mizuki: "Of course not, iie. "

Nanto shows a recording showing Kitty handing a recording to Jesse, implying La's lack of impartiality.

Alexandra, leader of The Association of Scholars, denies any involvement of the ring as a whole, saying Jesse seems to have acted on his own and will be sanctioned.

Hussen explains that he has, in fact, found certain anomalies in the recording. Very subtle, but as Sebastian points out, he wouldn't expect anything less from Felman's handiwork.

When his turn comes, Marco almost shouts at Zing and Mirca. He explains someone from their ring, The Revolution, attacked him and tried to make him lie about the recording in their favor. He strongly supports Hussen's view that even though the anomalies are very subtle, they're clear proof that the recording is a fake!

Ishi glances at the people Marco shouts at.

Mizuki looks at Mirca.

Alexandra questions Marco's honesty, pointing to the certain rumors and even asking McGregor if there could have happened something that Marco might be trying to hide with this. McGregor admits that many things happen in his room, many things of joy, but he couldn't see any reason for anyone to hide anything like that.

Andrea, standing in the background, looks thoughtfully at McGregor

Zing adamantly denies any involvement in any kind of torture, but no one seems to have expected anything else.

In the end, the majority of the attendees seem to be in favor of Sebastian and Marco. Many, including Hansila of Society of Free Colonists, an opponent of The Horizon, emphasize Marco's character as a very honest man.

The members of The Revolution storm out of the room shouting insults at everyone present, while The Scholars try to answer to dozens of accusations at once.

As it all finally dies down, Sebastian thanks the people for their vote of confidence in him. He promises not to let them down.

Ishi looks relieved.

Mizuki lets out a very small and brief pleased smile. "Good, this nonsense is over now then.".

Huo looks thoughtful.

Zeven: "At least that mess is out of the way."

Mike smiles in relief as well, but comments to Mizuki "I hope it is."

Zeven: "So, what do you think, why did the TSR help them fabricate that? Just because they hate Sebastian so much?"

Mizuki: "I am beginning to lose track of all the intrigues in this tower. I do not know. "