Topic: RP - Excerpt of briefing.

Seeds of Matar - Excerpt of briefing prepared for Agirtad Dotudink / Republic Fleet - 16.02.112

The Seeds of Matar were formed above the skies of Matar, on 21.05.109, as a freedom fighting
corporation, with the purpose of weakening the Amarr empire and freeing enslaved Matari, particularly in
the Ammatar Mandate. Marghulis, the CEO was the active force behind this mission statement, quickly
earning a reputation as rather ruthless and driven towards the cause.

Before co-founding the Seeds, Marghulis spent time in the Gallente Federation, travelling the worlds and
establishing a network of young idealistic capsuleers there. Later, this resulted in several Gallente
activists joining the Seeds, sympathizing with their cause and wanting to fight 'the good fight'

However, the Seeds were not all ideological freedom fighters, several members were also more
logistically inclined, supporting the liberation effort of the corporation through trade, production and
mining. Overseeing this effort was Sherrick, a Matari Marghulis had met and befriended during his
capsuleer education. With the neccessary structure in place for funding and maintaining ships and
weapons for the fighting capsuleers, the Seeds were set to make their mark on the galaxy. Please note
that both 'Marghulis' and 'Sherrick' are call names only. In the case of Marghulis, nobody has succeeded
in finding his real name or his past - evidence leads us to conclude the Republic Security Services are
involved in keeping this information hidden.

Over several years, the Seeds worked reasonably well, being one of many smaller corporations freeing
slaves and destroying Amarr (and Caldari - the Gallente influence within the Seeds is reported to be
strong) ships in small firefights around the systems. As the number of vengeful opponents grew, while
the number of capsuleers in the Seeds didn't however, problems arose - the young corporation experienced
frequent assasination and sabotage attempts on its installations and capsuleers.

At some point, this became a serious enough problem to hamper the efforts of the corporation in general.
Due to its open nature, everyone who cared to investigate, would know where the Seeds hq was located,
where their mining operations took place, who their members were, and in which regions they were active.
Confounding this problem was the fact that Marghulis had begun funneling considerable amounts of ISK and
weapons to ground-based guerilla groups throughout the Ammatar Mandate, building up cells of freedom
fighters answering to the ideals and often wishes of the Seeds. This made the Seeds even more of a
problem for the Empire, meaning Empire operatives dogged their every step and tried to stop their
financial transactions.

According to our sources, a solution was devised at a meeting of the Seeds capsuleers in 25.12.10. The
corporation would go into the underground and obscurity as much as was possible, with only a few willing
capsuleers staying in the open, for reasons of outside communication and propaganda. Amongst those were
Marghulis himself, his well-documented desire for direct confrontation perhaps prompting his decision to
remain public. Most Seeds dropped out completely from public view, and those who stayed in the open did
so with a low profile - always moving around, never building up anything in public that could be
targeted. From this point onward, it is difficult to track the progression of the Seeds and their
success at their mission statement, but their legend has surely grown. So much so, that scholars
speculate that several freedom fighter groups may have adopted the ideologies of the Seeds without ever
having met them.

Researchers agree however, that the efforts of the Seeds of Matar are at this point now principally tied
to supporting armed freedom struggles on the ground in Ammatar space, with their capsuleers supporting
or directing this personally behind the scenes as they see fit. The Seeds or their sympathizers also
seem to have spread into other, more open corporations and organizations, in all likelihood funneling
ISK from there into secret cells and branches, making tracing the cash-flow difficult for their enemies.

From this date the Seeds are slowly becoming more of a symbol than a traceable force, which may be
exactly what they wished. Marghulis and a few others remain moderately easier to investigate, but have
so far survived Amarr and Caldari scrutiny due to elusiveness, skills and a well-established network of
influential contacts and public support in the places they have frequented. On the Minmatar side,
especially The Republic Fleet and the Republic Security Services are known to support and shield the
Seeds in their endeavors.