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Yes I know, those who already heard or tried this game have already their legs shaking with fear and their eyes are already crying tears of blood. Yes, this is Dwarf fortress, it hurts a lot but it is so good after a while... *blushes*

This thread is for the few that have never tried Dwarf fortress or those who already tried it but cowardly stopped it for some fallacious excuses like the outdated (or absent) graphics). So, what is Dwarf Fortress, DF is an indie game made by 2 brothers, one coding the other one creating the stories. You start the game with 7 dwarfs, and your aim is to build your own fortress and make it prosperous enough to attract more and more dwarf and maybe even the King of the dwarf!

DF is but a city builder with a lot (and I mean a lot!!) of micro management), as you can guess, it won't be very easy. The learning curve of DF is actually like climbing the mount Everest, you will die a lot, but it's part of the game, what you did is written in your world history, and maybe you'll be able to find some remains of one of your previous fortress while digging a mountain.

Anyway, just give it a try, you can download the Maygreen version here. What is the maygreen version, well opposite to the vanillia version, Maygreen added some graphics so that the game will look like this:

Instead of this:

Apparently some people have troubles with ASCII games, I really can't understand why big_smile Ok, you downloaded it? Come on, it's free, so you have absolutely no excuses for not playing it! Let's start then smile

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Starting a game.

Don't be tricked by DF appearance, it really need a lot of computer resources, so don't play it on your old computer it will be too slow. The first thing you'll have to do is Create the world and it may take some time to build all theses rivers, lakes, mountains, civilisations... But when it's ready you can Start playing, and there found yourself on a sort of map. My advice for a first game: choose a place without damp stone and with green options (ex: Wilderness, heavily forested...) you really want to try the more difficult zones for when you will be a little more experimented. You may want a zone with a river because it's easier for food (fishing), it's good for defence (moat), the irrigation of your fields, you may use the water later to build an inner cistern and well and it provides a place for your dwarf to wash themselves.  But of course you can survive without, it will be less easy that's all ^^

When you have found your perfect place toi build your fortress, you have the choice to embark or prepare carefully your trip. I suggest you choose either this option or the Mayday option for a starter. It allows you to give your dwarfs some skills and also choose the equipment you will take, I usually take:
- 2 skilled miners
- 1 competent wood cutter/ proficient carpenter
- 1 adequate wood cutter
- 1 competent stone crafter
- 1 competent cook/brewer

With the points left, I take a couple of dogs (good for defence, hunting and occasionally food) and everything I can as meat and alcohol. The first winter is awful, better get ready with it.

Ok, ready to embark? Time to strike the earth!

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First dig

Here you are, in your promise land. You notice that your screen is separate in 3 parts, on the left are your dwarfs and the surroundings. In the middle, the menu and on the right the global map. Hit the tab key 2 times to remove the global map so you can see better. Use the arrows to observe your surrounding and > and < to go up and down the layer (yes, it's 3D! ... kinda). Of course you can't see what's inside the mountains, you'll have to dig for that.

Take your time to find the best spot where you will build your fortress entrance and keep in mind you'll have to build a trade depot, accessible for merchants and close enough of your workshop. (yay micro-management /o/)
You wandered too much on the map and you lost your dwarfs? Just hit unit then c, and you'll focus on the selected dwarf. Now let's make them move.

The most important thing you'll have to remember is: you design the job you want done, you will never design the dwarf who will do it. Keep always that in mind or you'll have a lot of problems tongue Remember also that a dwarf can't do a task if he doesn't have the skill to do it, really it will help. So let's dig! If you followed my advice you have 2 miners waiting eagerly to dig the mountain, so let's go.

If you want to dig on the same level as you are, just hit designation dig, if you want to dig under your feet you'll have to dig some stairs first with d j] then on the level under at the same place d u, then dig normally with d d.

If the mountain is sandy, your dwarf will dig really fast and wont make any stone. I usually use theses level for storage. If the mountain is composed of stone, your dwarf will leave behind them some stone lump. That will be useful even if after a while there is way too much ^^'

Anyway, start digging a few room and while you're at it, you can make your woodcutter work too with d t, so that they can cut trees. And maybe you can gather some plants too with d p
Ready? Let's work.


Oh, by the way, hit space to remove the pause screen tongue


Ok the miners are mining, the woodcutter are cutting, but you have some idlers dwarf and no plants are gathered! Yes, as I said earlier, the dwarf won't do a job if he doesn't have the skill, and plant gathering is a skill. So you have to teach your dwarf how to work. So, go in the u menu, select an idler dwarf  [c], [p]preference, [l]abor, choose Farming related and then plant gathering. Yes it's a pain, but after a while you'll know that by heart so don't complain yet. You can do that with all your idlers dwarfs, keep in mind that you can remove the skill later.

There you go. You made your first step. And it was a difficult one, actually the first difficult one of all the difficult steps, enjoy your victory /o/

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Great intro, but I'm still scared..