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The time is approaching where we will have to figure out some things about the guild(s) we are going to start. Naturally, this should be discussed as much as possible ingame, and not here on the boards, because this is an important RP thing.

There are some aspects of our guilds, that need some meta discusion though.

First off, we are looking at setting up at least 2 guilds. One for the hippies and one for the fascists as it were wink

As most of you know, we have ingame decided that Atys needs a neutral, multi-racial guild dedicated to fighting the Goo and the Kitin, because these threats should serve to unite the different races. Apart from that, Ract's player is also hard at work creating a real Matis guild. Most Matis we meet ingame are incredibly friendly and not at all arrogant or homophobic. However, the lore of Atys is geared towards Matis actually being this, and what we are seeing is almost nothing but exceptions to that rule (my char being one himself, on purpose). But now, you can play a Matis as arrogantly as you should, by joining this Matis branch of things. I'm sure Ract's player can say much more about this, so I won't. There are already a few potential members to this guild.

As for the name of the, let us say major guild we are creating, some suggested Seeds of Atys/Seed of Atys. Obviously this lets us show that most of us come from Seed, and serves as a gathering point. But of course it has to fit in with the purpose and meaning of the guild too, and I believe it does. We are the seeds of a new future for Atys, we are a part of the natural cycle of Atys (whereas Goo and Kitin are not), and we bring change to the world. Hence Seed(s) of Atys. Feel free to come up with a better suggestion of course.

Thirdly, all guilds have banners. These are designed with a standard template, offering a fair few possible combinations and colours. In the city halls of the 4 capitals, you can find an NPC in charge of guilds. Talking to this NPC allows you to make a new guild. You can also design a banner right away there. So we need a good number of suggestions for as how our banner should look. Maybe someone could paste some screenshots of this, so those in the newbie camp could try their hand at banner design too?

When we make the guild, we will also have to have a few guidelines in place. Guidelines we've discussed back and forth here on the forums. OOC/IC, telepathic communication/no telepathic communication, and so on.

And that's it. The political side of things we will of course take ingame. The other things are meta things, that we can discuss here.

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Hello, Trevenni here!  While I'm not part of the seed crew, I have been doing my bit with interacting with you and others around, and I therefore have a few things I'll put out there for you - take or leave as you like.

- firstly, there is a guild which exists like the one you're planning, and you've already had a lot of interaction with them.  Order of the Dragonblades is a neutral, all-race guild which is fighting kitin, goo, and occasionally does other things.  They're all IC quite often if not all the time.  I have pointed the Dragonblades people toward you and yours for rp interactivity, and a few of them did express to me they didn't quite comprehend why you all wished to start a guild which sounds almost exactly like their own when joining their already established guild may serve the same purpose.  I didn't honestly have an answer for them so maybe you could clarify; why start a brand new guild when there's an established guild which is doing everything you all wish to do?   It isn't a criticism, just a thought.  For my part, my character is not neutral - though she does follow Ma-Duk and his belief systems and shall hold that loyalty, she's not a fanatic and isn't going to go out on holy crusades - hence I didn't join the Dragonblades from the outset, and if the guild is neutral to the point of dismissive of either Karavan or Kami, I doubt my character will join, or she may be part of a different faction - however as most may have noticed by now, being in a guild or not being in one isn't an issue, as most players will drop everything they're doing and come running to help someone in need.

- second bit; if you do start a guild, depending on which loyalties you want to swing toward (Kami, Karavan, neutral) the guild leader must have appropriate "fame" points before forming up; it seems guild fame is based off the founder's own fame.  So, if you want to go Karavan-cult, the guild leader should have the required 50+ points before ever starting the guild, otherwise the guild itself will have to grind long and hard to get the requisite points.

There are some things I'd like to rp out as far as the guild aspect goes for my own part, so I'll leave these tidbits here for people to ponder, and hopefully I'll have a moment or three to breathe and see everyone ingame.

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I am personally not playing SoR but I would guess that the reason for making our own guild would be to keep the core of our current community. A lot of people here know eachother quite well by now so I guess thats the reason for wanting to make our own guild.... However I can understand that you are asking the question smile

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Well, as I understood it, the Order of the Dragonblades, which indeed does excellent RP is about helping other homins, and about individuals doing their thing. We would be about fighting the goo and the Kitin. While we are very much alike, I think there will be some differences that will emerge in the RP'ing. I also think we will lean more towards the Kami at length, neutral or not. But that is for us to RP of course.

The real reason to make our own guild, OOC-wise though, are several. First off, the Dragonblades are the only guild I've met that does RP on a whole. THere are a few others I hear, but I believe overall gameplay would be heightened, if we had several bigger RP guilds interacting with each other. If all join the same guild, there are some aspects of gameplay that gets diminished. Alliances, disagreements, cooperation between guilds, different agendas, RP tensions and affections between members of the two guilds, all of this. One more RP guild would liven things up.

Secondly, as Oluf says, originally we were a unit, coming from the game Seed. We picked up a fair few other great RP'ers of course, and sooner or later we will be at such a size that the original Seed players are in the minority. That's fine, but I think there is a general consensus to have the freedom to do our own thing, and to be a distinct unit.

Thirdly, making your own guild with the people you've come to know at the camp, IC makes sense. A new beginning, new, inexperienced homins trying to make their mark in the world. It's mostly more fun to create your own than join something existing, especially if you are a big group who wants to cooperate. There are many challenges in this, also RP-wise, and it would be completely our own to form and grow. We will RP the rules, the policies, everything ourselves, and we will feel a greater atttraction to the members we have, as all started out the same place IC.

Those are the reasons I personally see for not joining another guild. If I came into the game alone, I would without a doubt have joined the dragonblades, impressed by their level of RP.

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A fourth reason for an independent guild is the half-formed plans we have of settling around a specific area for role-playing. Quite a few of us are about as interested in the usual hack'n'slash as we are of clipping our toenails. (No quarrel with foot-fetishists out there - but for most of us it's rather tedious.) Creating an actual IG-physical community in a suitably-sized settlement would allow us to play out our characters without having to constantly worry about levels and grind. While this would still be theoretically possible within the Order guild, it makes more sense to do it separately.

As for the rest, the IC reason is quite enough for me. We all got to know each other in the camp and formed an idea. The guild is just a game-technical definition of that grouping.

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I'd just like to quickly point out that Darkhawk's humorous comments about the Matis guild are entirely inaccurate and we'll be making our own introductory thread in due time.

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The reason to make our own guild, as I see it, is to found the Ring settlement. Everything else we want we could achieve by simply joining the Dragonblades.

Whilst the Order of the Dragonblades is already performing all of the first three tasks, it is in the end simply a group of people working within the existing structure of Atys society. We seek not achieve this, but to plant the seed that will grow into a new nation, where our ideals will be followed by all. The Ring settlement would be a land dedicated to RPer, where we can hopefully create the community we saw around the campfires at Silan on a larger scale.

This should be our major goal. If it isn't, then we should just join the Dragonblades- because there really would be nothing to be gained by not joining. Other than simply clinging on to the Seed community for its own sake, of course, but we're supposed to be RPers and that isn't a reason that holds much water for our characters.

And whilst certain prospective members might like to believe that we're going to be neutral but lean steadily closer to the Kami, they should be aware that other people feel differently. big_smile

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Hehe yes, and that's part of the interesting RP we can have while forming 'our guild. Personally I think that if we start our own, we can watch this grow and RP it, which presents another dimension you do not get by joining something existing. We can also hopefully spice of the RP experience of the existing RP guilds. Well, that would be my own major reason I believe for being a part of creating a new guild. To build up something and RP doing so, while we interact with the other guilds.

It's not as such about having the Seed players be together ingame, because we are together here and we are RP'ing no matter what. I expect we could have many guilds, and we could have 'members' in many existing guilds too, if they wanted. What is important in that regard, is our desire to have ourselves transform into a gathering of RP'ers who stick together while exploring different games. That is a worthy goal, bringing together RP'ers from all kinds of games, bound by this website/forum and their desire to RP with others. It's my hope this will happen as we attract RP'ers to us. This is not to be a closed community for ex. Seed players and then 'the others'. But, I digress.

Seems we have different reasons for wanting to create our own guild, but we're united in creating it wink

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Ah, time to resurrect this thread. It sorta' developed into why we will create our own guild, instead of discussing things about this guild. But now, 1.5 month after I posted this (I mean, HELLO!, &"%! slow RP'ers with all of their.. RP. wink), it is high time to move on.

First off. The name. Perun is IC going to suggest Seeds of Atys. He has his IC reasons for the name. But we should agree here, or let our chars suggest other names IC with arguments.

Secondly, we need that banner thing designed (I point your attention to my first post in the thread).

Thirdly, I suddenly cannot get the option to create a guild from the Zoraï intendant anymore. This might be due to some technical change. Either the creator has to have a higher Zoraï standing, or you can now only create guilds in cycles (I seem to remember some logging on messages about that?). This might be a delaying problem.

Fourthly, calling it a guild sounds a little misleadingf. Others call their groups an Order or a House for example. Is there something we could use besides guild, or is that ok?

Fifthly. Let us create this 'guild'. ASAP if possible. There's a lot of RP'ing waiting to happen there, and we need to pull together now. 1.5 month of not pulling together is enough I think, we run the risk of losing people. Also, it is hard to recruit new people without this guild in place. Not to speak of all the extra fun RP we can do.

So, I'm suggesting we get together this saturday in Zora, all of us, and do this (if the game allows us to of course, but if not, we'll still have the chance to discuss the guild and the details IC). Now, we still lack Shula, Tinai and Paradoxis to come to Zora. Tinai we will hopefully move today. 'Hopefully'. Shula we can escort easily. Paradoxis we haven't seen for some time. We also need to somehow have Mercellus be a part of this talk.

So, how about standing ready this saturday, if at all possible? smile It could also be thursday, according to my schedule, if that's better. And then a huge party on saturday, with friends? smile

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Banner... right... I'll find a guild... thingie... person and have a look at it promptly.