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Recently we've included some drinking in our role-play. I came up with the notion, mulled it over and when I broached it IC, Wheri and a lot of others quickly caught on and developed it.

This is what has been noted so far:

Dante Sap
- Sweet, full taste. Somewhat harsh to beginners.
- Medium intoxication. Comparable to a strong ale.

Enola Sap
- Bitter and harsh.
- High intoxication. Very content state of mind. Mildly sedating.

Visc Sap
- Undrinkable. Causes strong vomit reflex.

Fairhaven (Tryker) Rum
- Rich, strong taste. Something in-between rum and whisky.
- High intoxication.
- Made from Stinga, which is found in the Lakelands.

More to come, most likely, in the journeys of the Capricious Cousins!

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- Smooth, slightly strong taste, akin to a (mild version of a) brandy
- Dark-Orange color
- Medium intoxication
- Popular Fyros drink
- Made from berries of the Botha tree (the flaming forest)

We should make up more, a few for each race probably. Note that Zoraï mostly seem to abstain from alcohol (but not all).

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Indeed, not all wink

I figure that seeing as there's Zorai bartenders and because one of the loading messages is 'Brewing Zorai ale', that there must be some form of Zorai alcohol. Zorai ale, I'd assume. No idea what we could make it out of, though; maybe some of the things that can be harvested in Zora or the jungles?

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These came up in today's RP:

Fairhaven (Tryker) Rum from the Lexis fields
- a very expensive brand of rum - they sell nothing but expensive stuff

Meri Bitterwine
- brewed at the Meri estate near Yrkanis
- one of the many flavours of Meri wines
- red wine (as strong as Earth red wine)
- a bitter aftertaste

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Re: The Joys of Inebriation

I certainly hope that bitter aftertaste is not due to 'you know what' wink