Topic: A meeting in Zora

((The following IC letter has been sent to the following people: Kaylee, Tinai, Wheri, Mercellus, Artash, Shula, Paradoxis, Dagannys, Kendrus, Trevenni and Emaelle))

Greetings all!

The time has finally come to create our guild. This invitation means you're one of those whom we think would be interested in shaping this start and hopefully joining in.

We will gather in the meeting chamber beneath the town guild this Holeth ((saturday)) at the 3rd hour ((15.00 GMT)). From there, we'll hammer out the details, together. This means:

1. Goals - What is our focus, and how will we achieve these?

2. Structure - How will we function? One leader, a council, democratic decisions, what other (if any) positions do we want.

3. Organization. Who will do what, how will we work day to day, will we have scheduled events, and when do we get a guild apartment?

4. What will be our name?

5. Election of leader/spokesperson, council and/or other positions.

6. Form the Guild

7. Have a small party for the new members (preferably on the same day)

8. Have a bigger party with friends, acquaintances and those who helped us.

That sums up the ground we need to cover. There'll surely be a lot of talk, but hopefully we are in general agreement. At least we were in Silan, so I think we still are now.

With this, I'll end this rather formal invitation, and of course I hope to see all of you there. We need you. And here's to the hope it will be a group of friends who start this guild, and watch it grow.



Re: A meeting in Zora

((Just to check, this is in about four and a half hours? Or are my feeble attempts at calculating time zones somewhat out of whack? If it's at that time tomorrow, rather than today, I won't be able to make it, just to let you know...))

Re: A meeting in Zora

((Four hours from the time this message is posted wink ))