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Short background

By the time of the early 10th century The Magistra’s sphere of influence was felt wildly across the western European continent and the Mediterranean area.
The Magistra* believed that magic was only to be given by birthright and hence should only be practised by those to which it came natural. This vision spread quite quickly over Europe and soon scholars of the magical arts were prosecute as heretics all over the continent.
The Magistra’s influence continued to grow during the 11th and 12th century. By that time members of their own had risen into high positions across all of Europe and even some nations on the Euro-Asian and African continent.

Current timeframe

13th century: Renaissance

Slowly the opposition is growing against the Magistra’s seemingly endlessly growing power ranging from underground colleges for magical arts to cults devoted to the eradication of all sources of magic in Europe. Also more people start to question whether it would be wise to continue to offer so much power to one group of people.
Also more turn towards the old arts of Druidism and Shamanism, also referred to as The Rebirth Of The Old.


The concept is basically about rp’ing a world were magic did exist but religion never really took hold, unless in the form of small (and secret) cults, usually ran by renegade sorcerers or wizards who try to hide their own powers by ascribing them to the acts of gods.
This PW depends a lot on those playing it to make it interesting. To make it easier it can all start of in a city (like Venice). Of course this will only work if people will bother to either create or join different factions.

+ Rp'ing can be done with or with-out fighting
- This may rely heavily on inter-factional politics

*Magistra: An order of Sorcerers who started out as a small cult during the times of the Roman Empire but grew in power after it’ s fall

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Re: PW Concept: Renaissance

This seems like an exciting setting that has the potential for a lot of conflicts and interesting power structures. And it would fit relatively well in the frameworks of real history, even though many fundamental things have been changed. And as one more plus side, underground resistances have always been exciting concepts to me, especially the non-militant ones.

However, I think that to take full advantage of this concept you'd need to have players running the major opposing factions - and preferably also work on the lower levels of hierarchy. And that would spread our tiny player base thin (10 - 20 initially, at best, I believe).

It might work if we narrowed it down into one smallish faction, such as an underground magery school, and had all player characters be part of that. That would still keep the other factions as something to work with or against, but it would require an active GM to keep things from becoming static.

Re: PW Concept: Renaissance

It can always start out from one faction against the Magistra and keep other factions for the purpose of lore/background and different storylines.

About the GM part, I don't have much experience with that, but i think that we have enough gm-worthy material amongst us.