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Hello all,

Just checking in and saying hi. Sorry I haven't been around much either on the forum or in SoR, but life kind of overtook me. Firstly I had jury service, during which time I also tried to squeeze in work, and now my work hours have changed again. I'm now working 4 full afternoon/evening shifts which I'm afraid is going to mean that I'm going to have next to no time for RP in the near future. What little spare time I have will be mostly spent with my husband as we get very little time together these days. I'll try to pop in here more often though and keep an eye on whats happening. I truly miss RP and hopefully my schedule will change at some point to free me up again. In the mean time I look forward to hearing all your RP stories and I'm still keeping my eyes open for the perfect RP game!

And for those of you who are francophones, I thought you might enjoy this. Bifrost recently gave an interview about Seed to playmmo: … p;artid=10

Unfortunately I haven't managed to convince him to translate it for me and my french is too poor to understand anything but the odd word!

Take care all and keep on RPing!


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Don't worry, it's already been translated here.:)

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You are too fast! I just saw it lol