Topic: Update

Hello, everyone! big_smile

How has everyone been? I haven't had the opportunity to get in-game for a while, let alone on IRC... How did the party go? I hope that I haven't missed too much...

Besides that, though, I've been away from home since about half an hour before the scheduled time for the party, and won't really be home and free until the 9th of December (GMT + 9:30). Sorry about the absence, folks, but after that, things should calm down a fair bit.

Good luck with everything!

Re: Update

I think we've been fine smile The party did not turn out as the chars had hoped or expected, but that's for Dagannys to hear about when she gets out of that healers hut smile

Looking forward to RP'ing with you again, once you get more time!

Re: Update

Back again!

No idea if I can get in-game today, though big_smile