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Esme told me where to find the Seed Community and i am glad that it is still alive.
So I want to greet you all - many of you may know me as:

Feelix, BHU researcher and funny doctor
Polly, the teen child with mysterious skills

Unfortunately I have only limited time to participate in any other planned actions like NWN2:PW or Saga of Ryzom, but I will try to stay in touch with you and lets hope alltogether that something similiar to Seed or itself will be seen in the near future ...


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Hey Feelix, welcome!


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hey! welcome smile

Its perfectly fine that you hang around just for the great company...I myself isnt playing any games either right now

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Yeah, hello Feelix, took you some time to pop up here, now don't go anywhere smile And welcome!

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Yay! Welcome Feelix smile

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YAY 2 from BHU! BHU rules!

Well.. not really..

But welcome anyway smile