Topic: URU updates

URU has received its first major update!
Lots of things have been changed and added, and some things have been fixed.
I'll add the list of fixes here publically, and the list of changed things in spoiler tags, for those of you who don't want to see it.

We can list any other upcoming updates in here as well.

Shorah Explorers!

Update live 2 is upon us.

The cavern continues to breathe: new areas of the city and neighborhoods have opened and will continue to. Those in charge (the DRC) are making almost daily appearances (some bigger than others) and more and more visitors are arriving every day. It's good to see the D'ni cavern filled with explorers, talking about the new sights and sounds, and wondering what controversy or debate is brewing inside of the meetings of Cate and the Restoration Council. With a new update we look to release some fresh Ages, further sections of the city, as well as few new mysterious features that might take a little more exploration to find. Let's all keep D'ni going...

Fixes for this update:
Superjump has been partially addressed. Gravity has been restored on the Tokotah Rooftop.

Credits journal has been removed from the storyline. You can still view the credits via the options menu. .

Bahro wedge appears only after successfully sending the Bahro pole to Relto.

Relto/Relto bug has been fixed, All KI messages should now report the correct owners Relto when being viewed.

Crash related to exiting the game has been addressed.

Crashes related to footstep sounds have been fixed.

Duplicate neighborhood names fixed.

Partial fix for the Hood public/private issue - the Nexus will no longer incorrectly report your Hood as private if it doesn't appear on the public hood list.

Teledahn: Fixed the pesky stackdumps that were occurring all over the metal walkway

Teledahn: Fix for the stackdump that occurred exiting the slave caves onto the wooden pathway

Eder Kemo: Fix for an intermittently occurring stack dump

Crash to desktop when jumping off the chasm in Relto has been fixed.

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... like the shiny sparklie in Gahreesen! It tantalizes me. Since Teledahn also got a big update, I crawled all over it looking for another sparklie, but no dice.

Anyway. I'm trying to confirm this with other people, but after obtaining the sparklie's 'lantern' gift, does it also add a new bit of line to your spiral walk on Relto? I thought it did, but I can't remember for sure if that line was there before or not.

So SOMETHING is definitely going on, and judging by the sun sigil underneath the sparklie... hm. Well, okay, I have no idea what the signifiance of it is, other than that it's NEW NEW NEW, ENTIRELY NEW! Hooray for new stuff that's new for everyone!

Thoughts? Speculation?

Imp needed to get the rest of his cloths since he had been away for a few days. We linked to my Gahreesen and as we ran around the big building... Lo and Behold! New thing!


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Laxman in Ae'gura followed by the Great Zero Observation. Let finding markers commence!

Yeesha Great Zero book? Did Cyan mess up/be lazy? Or is Yeesha really giving us access to the Great Zero? Or did the DRC ranscak all of their Reltoes to spread the Great Zero book about?

I'll head back to a populated Bevin and double check just to be sure though.

The new emotes are fantastic too, and there are so many of them! Awesome.

saw Laxman was in the City though couldn't make it in myself... YAY GREAT ZERO!! Hip hip hooray!

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