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"This will sound ridiculous no matter how I write it: I have a Tryker stuck in my head"

((ooc)) Yes... some odd things have happened... Mercellus has gone missing, where could he be? Well, honestly I dont know yet what will come of this...

... But I do know that this sunday (february 4th) at 8 pm (gmt) would be a dandy time for any Seed to log into Ryzom. Somethings gonna happen... What, remains to be seen :demon:

That being said, anyone wanting to help out with this mini-event are welcome to leave a notice in this thread. I would need someone to take on different roles than their main character for instance...


A little more info for you... This is gonna be a RP centered event. Perhabs some investigation, perhabs some combat, but a need to RP to figure things out will be essential. And since Im gonna make preparations depending on who and how many will take part I would like all who think they are gonna be there to leave a note in this thread.

Also if the date and time is really misserable to a lot of people we can move the day... but I hope that can be evoided.

This is gonna be fun! How can you resist?


Watch this space - More info to come...

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Updated the thread.

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I'm in of course.

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Just wanna say good idea frakel! Just the stuff we need to keep the community active smile

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Update: Ive moved the event forward 3 hours, now starting at 8 pm gmt. Hopefully this will suit more people big_smile

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I will come and return to the Community. Thank you for summoning me back, Frakel!

RP in MMOG's looks like this when trying to base it on in-game activities:
"Let's go <activity>!"
"Yay, <activity>!"

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Oh this is beautifull Wheri! I had really hoped you would show up... there might even be something instore for you :demon: Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!