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List of Topics

The following list of topic has been submitted for discussion:

1) Reforming the Lurker Investigation Project / Contacting the Kingdom of Orph
- Sebastian of The Horizon
- Hansila of Society of Free Colonists (The Liberal Alliance)

This is a topic combined from two suggestions, both concerning actions to take about the criminal organisation called "The Lurkers", or "The Kingdom of Orph".

The first suggestion comes from Sebastian of The Horizon:

The Lurker Investigation Project has faced serious reversals so far. I believe it is due to the way the previous project leader was chosen - not based on skill but based on political convenience. As a consequence, not only did the leader himself get killed by The Lurkers, but also three other members of the expedition. We need to honor the memory of the deceased by bringing the Lurker threat to an end. For that, we need to put aside our qualms and find someone truly qualified to continue Aleksei's work.

The second comes from Sinuhe of Society of Free Colonists (approved by Hansila):

Too long have we let hatred and sorrow control our action when it comes to dealing with the organization calling themselves "The Kingdom of Orph". The events so far have shown where the path of violence will lead us - death. What did we gain through the deaths of Aleksei, Mei, Hans and Shao? We didn't manage to find their hideout. We didn't manage to capture any of them. We only managed to get four people killed.

It's time to change the way we look at this problem. As we've all been taught in our speedgrowth, solutions come from understanding. What effort has there been to understand the Kingdom? None, and that has to change. Thus, we're going to open up a dialogue with any members of the Kingdom who wish to talk. Our first message is on the TAU Message Boards right now. Please sign it.

2) The Securing Life Support Project
- Laura of The Watch

There is a very important project going on in the Tower: The Securing Life Support Project, aimed at countering risks involving life support in both Recspace and Labspace. However, at the moment the project is in a poor state, due to leadership problems. Right now it's being led by Andrea, who's only three months old. We in The Watch believe this project needs a more experienced leader.

3) Public Votes with Decicion Power
- Gwandoya of The Technocrats

There is a severe lack of democracy in the Tower, clearly visible in the Ringleader Meetings. The members of the general public aren't even allowed to speak, let alone participate in the decicion making. This goes against all the ideals of The Technocracy, and thus we must protest. To correct the system, we need to device a system that not only lets everyone vote on every political decicion made but also enforces the results of those votes. Only this way can we truly call ourselves decendants of Earth.

4) The Customizations of Bit 5 in The Mall.
- Ting of Patch 178

The factories in the Bit 5 of The Mall have been customized to produce the Condensed Nitrogen Cell Mark 5. However, considering the growing need of high-voltage batteries in the Tower, we suggest the lines to be reconfigured to produce the Condensed Nitrogen Cell Mark 7, whose power output is far greater than the one of Mark 5. The ring in control of those factories - Da Vincians - refuses to make this change, despite our repeated requests.

5) Merry Smile
- Laura of The Watch

There was a bad accident in Recspace July 28th. Five people of The Watch were injured, one of whom needed a spinal prostetic to be able to walk again. The accident was caused by Merry Smile, a woman who believes she's an eight-year-old child, by throwing a circular object at a group working on the ceiling structures outside The Garden. The object hit Sara, making the ceiling fall onto the workers.

We believe this woman can't be allowed to walk around the Tower unchecked. We suggest that she's quarantined in her floatbed, on the basis of being dangerous to the colony.