Topic: Magellan's goodbye speech in Garden

Hello people!
The reason I have called you to this meeting is to tell you how proud I am of all of you.
As some of you may know, I was one of the first to be unbulbed by TAU, after it suddenly decided to let in a new wave of colonists.
I have been busy trying to figure out why ever since.
But I have kept an eye on the rest of the colony, and I became convinced that we do not need TAU, becouse we have each other.
I became so convinced, that I stopped focussing on why TAU woke up so many of us. I become much more intrested in the social dynamics unfolding.
We have grown from a crew to something else, we have elections, an economy.
People, we are society, we are a nation, we are a people.
I know things look grim now for our colony, for this place we have come to call our home.
But no matter what happens in the future, remember this:
We rose from a scared crew to a proud society.
None of us know what the next few days will bring, but we know what we made happen here, remember that always.
And you, TAU, record this!
Remember, that your tattered remains of consciousness:
I don't know what should replace TAU, I will leave that to you to decide.
Now, goodbye to all of you, my time here is over!

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