Topic: Da Vinci Prospectors

Name: Da Vinci Prospectors
Formed: 11.3.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: Single Leader (permanent)
Status: Active

A prospector is driven by their innate curiosity, the desire to know what's beyond the horizon, the graving to feel the earth of a distant continent, to breath the air no one has breathed before. That is the calling of the Da Vinci Prospectors, to explore Da Vinci, in its beauty and horror both, starting with our Tower.

We have made our headquarters at the Window, though we're often all busy elsewhere, helping out with various projects. We actively scout new areas of the tower, and are working on reaching the Lower Cluster.

We welcome anyone with the heart and spirit of a prospector to join our community.

Ami - leader
Handa - handler
Evao - handler
((24 members altogether))

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Name: Ami
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