Topic: Scattered Seeds

... the young tryker takes a final look around the empty guildhall. A thorough look, as if to remember all the details of a place being left for good. A hint of sorrow, but also relief and excitement. Something has passed away, something new is about to begin. With a shrug he packs his last few items in the bag and hurries out of the chilly stone structure, out into the sunlight of a warm afternoon in Zora. He flashes a warm smile to the tall matis standing next to the mehktoub and securily fastens the last bundle of goods on the packer. They are off to Almati, off to offer their services to the rangers there. On their way towards the city gates of Zora, the young tryker turn back only once to look at their abandoned guild apartment.

- "You know P´run... I never really liked that place... Too dark, too deep below the ground. No wind. No sun. I think Im gonna like it more in the ranger camp. The tents, the campfires. Just like Silan. You remember your first time in Silan P´run? I remember how we used to sit around the campfire next to Be´Toolys. Artash scowling. Wher´ and Tinai getting drunk on Dante sap.... Remember when Wher´ got so drunk he threw his boots into the fire? Ah no... you wasnt there. He he... the Messabs almost panicked at the stench. Dixie... ah Dixie... And Shula and K´ndrus. Oh we will go visit them soon, wont we? I bet they have many small fyros on the way. He he... I cant wait to see K´ndrus face when he finds out Im not dead at all. I bet he´ll be real surprised..."

The matis looks down on the happily chatting tryker with a fond, if somewhat sad smile, nodding in aggreement: "I bet he will Mercellus. I bet he will".

Noticing the sad tone the tryker look up at the matis: "Dont be sad P´run. You know... Seeds are supposed to be scattered... Otherwise they´ll never grow!"

The matis puts his hand on the shoulder of the tryker, nodding thoughtfully, as they and the packer leave the city of Zora.

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