Topic: Criticism on the Policies of the Scholars

Sender:Isabel - The Horizon

I feel the need to remind the people of the Tower of the spirit of the agreement concerning the regulation and control of scientific stations. Mohale (a person, not a ring) was given the right and responsibility to see that the science stations are used safely - nothing more, nothing less. That is why he was given the access codes - not to give his ring express power over the ringlabs.

The policies of The Association of Scholars has, however, been contrary to this agreement - they wield their power to drive their own greed for power. Their decicions are based on backroom deals and bribery, not scientific interests. The proof for this is the rejection of several scientific projects that anyone (except for the Scholars, apparently) would deem worthwhile:

((list of projects might be added later))

Anyone notice a pattern? I give a hint: They've all been suggested by the same ring.

Re: Criticism on the Policies of the Scholars

Sender:Mohale - The Association of Scholars

I'm growing tired of the accusations cast upon myself and my ring at every turn, regardless of our best efforts to bring openness and cooperation to the Tower. Yes, we have rejeced many projects suggested by The Horizon. We've also rejected many projects brought forward by The Stargazers, The Watch, The Technocrats, The Jorian Reformist Party... about every ring there is in the Tower. And yes, the council has even rejected many projects by our own members, which I'm sure Mira would be happy to tell you about.

I, in turn, would like to remind people about a number of things: Since the Association of Scholars were put in charge of the research stations:
1) The number of accidents in research context has dropped by 69 %, and the number of fatalities by 83 %, due to the advanced risk analysis and mitigation techniques we impose on everyone using the stations.
2) Since all project plans are reviewed by a board of accomplished scientists, the productivity of the stations, measured in the amount and relevance of the discoveries, has increased.
3) All scientific discoveries have been open for everyone to view, due to our open result policy.

Most of the criticism boils down to one thing: it's unfair. It is. It is unfair that we hold more influence over the stations than others do. But it's a system that works and keeps us alive and the Tower in shape.