Topic: EVE Online - Cry for Change

((this message has been set up on pilot bars in stations all over the Minmatar Republic.))

To all Minmatar and those sympathetic to our cause.

A third of our people are still enslaved within the Amarr Empire. The empire of cruel, fundamentalistic men who see themselves as our superiors. We must work to free our brothers and sisters - it is the right of every race to live and die in freedom.

We must work against the Empire, hamper it, kill its agents, weaken it so its hold on our brothers and sisters lessens. The Amarr Empire is a blight on the universe and must be fought and opposed where ever possible.

I have fought the empire, freed slaves and made myself a name doing it. I am serious with this notice, and I have the reputation to back it up. But working alone is not enough, and I do not believe any existing corporation has shown enough results.

It is time to start something new, something that can grow strong, something worthy of the Minmatar people. Something that can both fight for freedom and be open to the universe.

Unity, not division, freedom, not slavery. This is the future if our people are to gather and prosper again.

I want to be a part of this, my Voluvar has shown me my path. I am looking for others who see things the same way, others who want to be a part of creating something we can be proud of. Something that will bring prosperity and freedom to our people. We must have pride in our heritage and customs, but we must also be open, not closed to the universe. These are my beliefs, and I will die for them.

If you feel like I do, and are aware of the risks this can bring, then let us meet and discuss changing the future together.

Contact me under my nickname 'Marghulis'.

Re: EVE Online - Cry for Change

((An interesting concept for RPers to gather around, though a bit of an obvious one. I suppose that with my delay in getting involved with EVE I'll have a chance to think about how my re-activated character would fit in with such an idea. Everyone needs a place to start though.))