Topic: Servants of Evolution

Name: Servants of Evolution
Formed: 29.2.102
Organization: Organic
Leadership: Single Leader (permanent)
Status: Active

We're a ring of researchers dedicated to the advancement of mankind. We believe many of the problems we're facing today are simply due to the fact that we as humans haven't adapted to the situation. We're slow, weak and fragile in so many ways. For example, there are countless sorts of substances our bodies can't handle, making us very susceptible to contamination. We need a constant supply of oxygen, forcing us to use cumbersome equipment in situations that call for finesse. Our temperature regulation systems are inefficient, making our very existence on the freezing surface of Da Vinci extremely problematic.

Servers of Evolution believe that the solutions to many of these problems lie in cybernetics, nanotechnology and genetic alteration. We're devicing ways to make human-machine interfacing as smooth as possible. At the same time we study the complexity of the human DNA and experiment with retrovirii.

If you share our dream of a human race that's taken the next step on the path of evolution guided by their own intelligence and wisdom, contact our leader Chia Pao, or one of our handlers. Or just come to see us in Labspace, there's always some of us there.

Chia Pao - leader (dead)
Cuihuan - handler (dead)
Ahmed - leader
Atta - handler
Orf - handler
Latifa - handler
Li Ping
((9 members altogether))

Re: Servants of Evolution

Name: Chia Pao
Position: Lead Scientist