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Recspace is the place of refreshment for the colonists. It was built by the First Colonists, into the vicinity of the two floatbed chambers of the Middle Cluster.

Recspace is mainly run by The Watch, who patrol the corridors and service tunnels in a regular pattern, fixing problems as they arise.

The Floatbed Chambers

The two floatbed chambers (designated Alpha and Beta) are undeniably the two most important rooms in the entire Tower. Every day, every colonist has to step into a floatbed here, in order to rejuvenate and cleanse their body. When the colonist has stepped into the floatbed, it's filled with a special, thick fluid, and moved downwards into a larger cavern in which the sleeping takes place. In addition, Floatbed Chamber Alpha is connected to the Speedgrowth Chambers in the Lower Cluster. Every 3.7 days, 6 new colonists are delivered to it.

The Garden

Planted by the first colonists and cared for by the ones after them, the Garden is the favourite place for many to take that five minute break they can afford to have every few hours. It has a TAU terminal, as well as a few small factories used by The Watch, and even a small sharepoint conveniently loaded, among other things, with intoxicating chewsticks for those on their way to the Steambaths.

The Steambaths

The Steambaths are part of the coolant systems used by the big boilers below. They consist of steaming hot water, flowing through tunnels and sitting in pools, releasing its heat to the large cavern above. Many colonists have made it a habit to come here after a hard day of work, to chat with their friends. Most of those who visit the Steambaths regularly, also like to chew some Substance X while in there.

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Canyon C

The eastern end of the Canyon is known for huge production facilities, as well as The Horizon who are practically controlling it.

The Horizon Headquarters

The bottom of Canyon C is almost ideal for production. Large pipes deliver iron and other commonly needed minerals right underneath, and large water condensers provide a fair supply of water for organic products and cooling. Thus it's no wonder that The Horizon, who has control of the area, is known for its many products. To accommodate the production needs, the entire area is filled with factory lines, from man-sized workbenches for manual assembly to giant, spiral machines in several floors with hundreds of meters of production lines put together.

The Window

The one view to the outside in the entire Middle Cluster is located here, right above The Horizon Headquarters. It's made of five separate layers of reinforced glassteel, to prevent the ever-raging blizzards outside from damaging it.

The Window is a popular place for the sentimental, especially on the rare occasion the blizzards give way to a crystal clear sky and the glittering, icy cliffs surrounding the Tower. The Window is also the place for the monthly Ringleader Meetings. The Ringleaders then sit on a platform by The Window while the audience watches from another platform above them.

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The Mall

The Mall, located in the center of The Canyon, is the central of gossips, bargains, and arguments. Tens of differently sized platforms have been built between the Canyon walls, connected by narrow bridges and shaky elevators.

Large Sharepoints

The largest water, mineral, and biomatter pipes deliver their goods in the huge chambers behind the southern wall of The Mall, making it the perfect place for several sharepoints of different sizes, controlled by different parties. The largest of the sharepoints is 15 meters in radius.

The Mall would be a perfect place for manufacturing, if it could provide the necessary power. Unfortunately, the power line here can barely support the material delivery lines and the auxilliary machinery.

The Fire Station

At the top of The Mall is the Fire Station, where Da Vinci Fire Brigade resides, always prepared to jump into their helicopter, or speed down on their scooters, in case of fire or other emergency.

The Appartment Complex

Some of the colonists have felt it necessary to build small, private spaces for themselves. Those are located at the bottom of The Mall, and they're dug into the southern wall. There are three floors of appartments - the upper ones are reachable by stairs.