Topic: The Technocrats

Name: The Technocrats
Formed: 26.10.101
Organization: Democratic
Leadership: None
Status: Active

We are The Technocrats, one of the oldest rings in the Tower. We uphold the values of our ancestors on Earth: Whatever path we take in our new colony, it must be guided by the wisdom of the learned, and deliberated in patience. Yet we must always keep an open mind, question our learned truths vigorously. And most importantly: the choices we make must be the choices of the entire colony, not a select few.

Honestly speaking, the political system in our Tower is a patchwork, just like everything else around us - a mockery of true democracy. We have a system of voting, yes, built into the underlying systems that control access to machines and materials. But a myriad of other choices, not related to machine access or materials, are being made constantly by ringleaders in closed cabinets and grandeous Ringleader Meetings, where the common citizens have even been denied the right to speak.

What we have been proposing from the forming of our ring, is the reinstation of the direct democratical system of the Technocracy. TAU has the processing power required - with a colony as small as ours it's not going to take much power to run the necessary functions. The only thing needed is for our people to realize they have the right not to be dictated by their so called leaders. Those leaders aren't going to make this change - we have to do it as a unified people!

Gwandoya (f) - leader
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