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I was thinking (it does happen), that we are getting a bit too scattered in EVE, playing on very many different days and hours. Having at least one day of the week in which we all try to meet up, RP and do things together would greatly increase my enjoyment of the game (and yours too, once you have killed NPC pirates for 30 days in a row wink).

So, this is a multiselect poll, select which day(s) and time of the week you are most likely to be able to attend such a gaming day/evening/night, and we'll make the most popular time our regular day, if you want.

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Good idea.
I'm pretty evenly spaced, really. Fridays and Saturdays are less likely to have me around because other things tend to be happening. Otherwise... well, my sleeping hours are irregular, so it's hard to say.

I'll try to be around, whenever the time ends up, though. smile

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Yes good idea.

At the moment I'm fairly busy pretty much any day of the week. I play a bit during the day but for the next two weeks I'm guessing I wont have time to play at all. Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are not very good for me in general and right now my PnP campaigns are not solidly rooted in a specific day. So conclusion: Find a day and I'll try to be there as much as possible.

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It seems we have two days that are best for most. Tuesday and Wednesday. The timespan 17-06 also seems most fitting for playing, so how about we aim for logging into EVE each tuesday, beginning around 17-18.00 CET? We can then add wednesday too if enough people have time smile

Apart from that, I log in once a day at least to see if there are anyone online, and I guess others do something of the same. Also feel free to announce ICly if you need something or there is something you think we should do. My char will be there smile

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After two weeks of lurking Ill be joining you shortly... Before that Id like to know if anyone is interesting in setting up some character relations in advance (my character is not yet fully written - but she is a Vherokian Trader.). I also have an idea that would involve possible alts - if anybody is interested in dedicating an alt to a story smile

I wont post more about it here - since there should at least be some surprise for those who choose not to take part. But please let me know if you are interested and Ill get in touch sometime after wednesday 20th.

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Heh.. seems the Revelations patch is going on today, for 24 hours no less.. So no play the first tuesday. I suggest all those who have time meet up tomorrow, wednesday instead, between 17-06 as appropriate. And then next tuesday we'll go for a weekly tuesday schedule smile