Topic: The Jorian Reformist Party

Name: The Jorian Reformist Party
Formed: 12.11.97
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: One leader (elected)
Status: Active

The Jorian Reformist Party continues the thousend year trandition (pun intended) of the original movement formed during the 2nd decade of The Technocracy. For those unfamiliar with the history, the Jorian Reformists acted as an important opposition force to the political leadership of The Technocracy. They saw the stagnation inherent in the hedonistic lifestyle of The Technocracy, and struggled to drive humanity to take its place in the universe. The Seed program was one of their greatest successes.

The Da Vinci branch strives to finish what they started by adapting the base values described in the Jorian Manifesto.

Thrayn - leader
((5 members altogether))