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Haze is about to launch. This evening they'll have a session of Roleplaying 101 and tomorrow the open beta starts. You can keep the character after the open beta, if he survives.

Send in your applications! And don't make your dream character as your first character, Haze  is difficult and uses permadeath.  smile

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Thanks for the heads up! I'll see if I get time this weekend.

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Sounds interesting!

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I've applied, but haven't heard anything, so I'm waiting smile

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I applied too!

I have to refresh my memory about Faerun and stuff! I haven't played D&D games for a long time now...

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I lived and breathed FR and AD&D, so it's pretty familiar a return for me. But I can't find any server information, i.e. where to log on?

I'll try to be there with the launch today though smile

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I was wondering what happened to the application and how to login. I found this information:

IP Address:
Password: No Password*

*However, all players MUST register through an application or you will not be able to exit the server’s Starting Area.


You will only receive a reply if your application has been rejected, which will include a reason why. If your application is accepted, you will be added to the database within, at most, one day. Most applications are processed within two hours of having been sent.

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You can either enter that IP or find 'NWN2 HAZE' under 'Roleplay' in the Gamespy servers list.

If you haven't heard back as they say, then you are accepted.

However, I couldn't play yesterday because.. uhm.. Yeah, I guess I need the game.. like.. Original wink So it'll take some days yet.

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i was so hyped about nwn2 that i got the original a day or so after release... was very disapointed.... but maybe this will prove to me that it was worth the money afterall smile

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I bought a silly collectors box, got a ring and a plastic figurine. No sight of a REAL manual in the oversized box. And then I turned all settings to max and logged in to play the game as a slideshow.

Haze is great (though I haven't logged in to the NWN2 version), but I played much more on the Nymri PW (NWN2 version still in early beta). It was not quite as stressful RP there.

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Stressful RP? You mean there's quite some combat in Haze?

I'll log on tonight, I got my real key now, juggling between two chars I want to play.

And yes, the manual is.. Eheh.. I remember the NWN1 manual, that was a proper manual. In this one, there is no information. If you want to know what feats are prerequisites for what skills, you'll have to have the old manual, or the D&D rules, heh.. Well, maybe there's a bigger manual pdf on the DVD, that's the trend these days. sad

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Darkhawk wrote:

Stressful RP? You mean there's quite some combat in Haze?

There can be some combat, the game is not very PVP'ish even if PVP is enabled for realism. If it's still like old Haze you enter the world as level 2 and may or may not become level 3. The XP rate is very low. Lowlevel wizards are "always the first to die" as you know.

But I get stressed from the RP: english isn't my first language and some of the players are really good writers. I remember watching some guy harvesting potatoes and it was a pure joy reading his emotes.

And FR lore isn't a strong side of mine, at least I want my character to have a believable background.

And last, which is about combat; I'm not sure that I am able to RP my "near death" character chased by band of orchs. Making him fall to the ground or crawl off really slow, when the next blow is lethal, needs a clear mind (when my adrenaline probably is flowing).

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I tried this PW, but was somewhat disappointed and put off by it, or more correctly the players my char met.

As everyone starts out shipwrecked on an unknown island, I RP'ed a confused character wanting to know what happened, which I figured was a good way to make new contacts. I met three people. The first was friendly and attentive until he had cheated my char out of some good loot she had taken from the boat (read: my poor char was cheated wink), then all interest ceased and he left her standing to talk to his friends and ignored her. After a few minutes she wandered away and tried talking to a halfling, who answered in short sentences and proceeded to rudely run away from her after an area transition. The last person she met answered her questions in a curt, but uninterested way.

In short, it seemed like everyone was doing their thing, RP'ing with their own clique or wnadering around on their own. It wasn't a very inviting feeling, so my motivation to keep trying in lieu of me being busy with other stuff too wasn't too big.

Ah well, maybe I was just unlucky smile

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*shameless bump*

Nope, you weren't unlucky Darkhawk (if you're reading this!). What you've experienced is a design without a plot where no one really knows what to do but to hang around with their clique. I should know, I am one of Haze's biggest critiques, a former Dungeon Master, and the founder of its true successor: The Uncharted Midlands, Last Gate ->

We're heavy role-playing, plot-driven, social-based, low-magic, low-levels, and realistic design with permadeath server...all that jazz that was in Haze, is here too, except this time there's a plot, there's a purpose. It's NWN1 though, not NWN2.

By the way, Haze has disintegrated shortly since you quit playing there, in case you don't know. I saw that coming.

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Shameless bump AND advertising! wink

If it disintegrated shortly after I quit playing, it didn't last long at all, heh. Right, perhaps some of us will try out TUM then smile