Topic: OOC: Players Writing Rumors About Their Actions

It's been a bit of a problem, I believe, that the players don't get to know very much about what happens outside the plots they're involved in. Aside from transparency, a solution could be that you, the players, write about what you're doing. This could take the form of rumors going around the tower that practically anyone could hear if they listened.

These rumors could be presented in at least two ways:
1) On these forums after each session. Everyone would write a set of rumors that concern the plots they're involved in.
2) During play on the General channel. So whenever you're bored, don't sit idly or start multitasking, but instead write on the General channel possible rumors about what you just did.

Everyone please tell me your thoughts about this. Would you like to know more about what's going on in the tower? Would you be willing to help out with it? Which of the above is the better way or would you prefer some other arrangement?

Re: OOC: Players Writing Rumors About Their Actions

In my opinion, the idea is great, I would suggest a mix of 1) and 2), so that we write rumors on the General channel or on a dedicated rumor channel, and at the end of the session, the GM or someone else would post them together on the forums, maybe adding others as well.

Also, as an afterthought, a general timeline or something could be good, another thread where we have some kind of feeling of the passage of time, I don't say that the GM have to start reading all the logs from the beginning, but some kind of timeline would be great.