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While I was trawling through the games list on, Renaissance caught my eye. This seems to have been developed with RP in mind and I thought I'd flag it up. There were a couple of new comments on mmorpg so it doesn't look like this is a dead product. The homepage is:

Anyway I'm going to have a look at the webpage and see what it offers. It's not out yet, so I'm unsure to it's status.

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Well it is in development, with forums that were redesigned a week or so ago. I've joined the forum as Esme because it looks quite promising. It does have combat, but is based on PnP, and it seems to have nice features planned. For example you will potentially be able to have one eye, so that you can boost another of your skills, so character development looks pretty neat. I also like the crafting idea where it seems your results are purely based on the character, not on the specific skill levels. And it suggests it will be a trial and error sort of method. Something I have always wanted to see in a game.

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Interview with one of the devs: … 92,1.shtml