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Do you have caring friends ? A wonderful partner? An interesting job? Forget all about that and join the dark side of the force, forget your social life: The new Harvest Moon is released!

Harvest Moon series.

I can see a little hesitant finger rising in the back of the room. Yes, little hesitant finger, I can guess your question : « What is Harvest Moon? ». Well, I will explain you after tearing out your fingernail with excruciatingly hot tweezers.

Harvest moon can be summarised in 3 words: “Farm life simulation”. Yes, I know that doesnt look very appealing at first sight but reality is different and you will really enjoy taking care of your animals, growing your vegetables, improving your farm and marrying your one true love right under the nose of your “Haha! Too slow!” love rival.

What? You're not interested ? You’d rather be a death-defying warrior? Exploring dangerous caves? Killing ugly monsters? Haha ! Let me laugh ([small]what ? I already did ?[/small]), 'cause you can do both! With Rune Factory, the '2 in 1' videogame!

Rune factory :

It isnt just a Harvest Moon game, Rune factory also has some real RPG inside. No, you’re not the Hero chosen by the God, or Goddess or any divinity that may exist. No, you wont have to save the world because it’s your destiny even if you wanted to stay at home watching TV, that would be so cliché.

You’re just a poor young man, a hobo even. No home, no family, no past… Ok.. ok, you have amnesia... Yeah, I know that's cliché too, but whatever!

So you’re a lost young man, starving and dying from thirst just about to die and then... You meet Mist.

Mist is a very nice young girl, and cute too. But however, she's strange. No, sorry, she is VERY strange. You know the story « Give someone a fish and he will eat for the day, teach him how to fish and he will eat everyday », well Mist is like that.

You’re about to collapse in front of her door, using your last strength to request some food! And she gives you… a hoe.

Ok, try asking for some water then? Awwww so nice, a water pot!

Third try? Ok bread and water, you’re saved! Whoohooo ! Now, your saviour offers you a farm, to match with the hoe I guess. No wonder the neighbours point at her saying “Haha!”

Anyway, your saviour offers you a nice farm, quite old, very empty and to be honest in a awful state. But you’re here and well armed (remember, you have a hoe and a waterpot) so you can change all this!

Actually, you’ll have to be better armed than that: there are caves all over the surrounding, full of monsters. Very aggressive ones. So you’ll have to fight them to reach rare ore or tame them to have some new resources or help in your farm.

Love, Love, Love !

You’ll see quickly that the town nearby is full of cute young girls. And you know, life is passing by, the farm gets bigger, seasons changing, little bird singing… Ok you got it, you want a woman by your side, and no choice, you need to marry her!

But wich one will you try to seduce ? The strange Mist? The mysterious Sharron? The spoiled brat Bianca ? Her maid Tabatha ? Or some other one?

Will you be able to find her favorite present ? Remember her birthday ? Take her to local events so you can win her heart ?

If you have a Nintendo DS, you 'll definitly want to try this game! Unfortunatly, it wont be out in Europe until October but there's the US version that you can find in shop, order on internet or..

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Well.. Yes, it seems like a promising game, I've played it for an hour or so today smile

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What a fantastic review Nuala smile