Topic: Romantics

TAU teaches all colonists about reproductional anatomy during the basic courses of biology. It also explains the cultural aspects of monogamic relationships and tells about different rituals used to seal it. The colonists also learn that during the Technocracy there was no marital institution but different kinds of marial contracts were still very popular. This is about the extent of it. TAU's databases (in the Speedgrowth Chambers) contain more information about these matters, but a colonist will learn about it only if he/she pays particular interest in it.

Even though aware of the basics, the colonists have very little emotional experience when it comes to affection. They didn't even have parents to have a long-term loving relationship with. In may ways, they're like orphan children who are just reaching puberty.

Biologically, all colonists have been sterilized in order to prevent childbirth (but not permanently). Also, their hormonal activity is being tuned down by the floatbeds, but not completely removed. They can have sex and even enjoy it, but they can also live completely without it.