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Since the once-in-two-weeks pace seems to be a problem for at least Norah and Darkhawk, and frankly I'm getting frustrated at the sluggish pace the story is progressing, I've decided to try to play once a week again, with certain conditions:

- You players must accept that I won't always have content prepared for everyone. You must be, to an extent, responsible for your own enjoyment. If you don't know how to do this, please talk to me and we'll see what to do.

- You players must help me create content to the world of Seed - The Second Chance, so I don't have to make all the creative content for five storylines ran in parallel each week alone. In the following I'll explain some ways you can contribute to this campaign as a creator.

1) Write stories

Write a story about the events in the tower, either in the current day or in the past. It doesn't have to have anything to do with your character or any of the known storylines. It may involve known NPCs or NPCs of your own, or you can leave the NPCs identity vague in such a way I can insert the NPCs of my choice into your story. Don't worry too much about contradicting my vision - I'll either adapt my vision or correct your story before posting it. I'll then either post the story or keep it secret, depending on the story.

2) Give ideas for RP situations

Write short descriptions of situations that can arise in the tower. I will then consider them a sort of a databank from which to pull story hooks when game mastering. Some example situations:

"A PC gets accused for stealing ring property."

"A PC gets trapped inside a machine she's fixing."

"A PC is approached by someone in love with him."

Make the descriptions fairly open so they can be used on different PCs depending on the situation.

3) Write up NPCs

Write up descriptions of NPCs, their ideas, habits, personality, anything. Don't bother with too much detail - one interesting idea per character is optimal, since I can always combine them. The descriptions can be such as the following:

"A person who loves dancing"

"A person with a nigh-religious love towards science"

"A person with a split personality"

4) Design rings

When designing rings, you should be a little more detailed than with the NPCs and situations. Write a ring description such as those in the Ring Information forum. You may also add notes on matters not mentioned in such a public add.

5) Describe locations

Write up descriptions of the different locations in the tower - either those we've already introduced or locations of your own (if they're your own, try to keep them relatively small so they can be added without changing the general layout of the tower).

Whatever of these (or something else) you do, please send them to my e-mail address (thorttan at cc dot hut dot fi), or here as a PM. I'll then look at them, perhaps edit them, and then either file them for later use or post them on these forums.

I won't try to force anyone to do this, but I'd really love it, and only this kind of content will enable me to run a game each Sunday.

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6) Invent tools and technology

Invent new gizmos and other technology that's approximately on the same level as the rest of the technology described. The more innovative, the better, but there's a lot of room to specify the pretty mundane, everyday tools in tech.

7) Start projects

Describe a project that could be being done somewhere in the Tower. No need to specify who's doing the project, but you should write a project description similar to those in the project list.

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8) Make faces

Use this tool to make different faces suitable for colonists. Send them to me and I'll attach them to appropriate colonists (you may suggest, of course).

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9) Give advice on scheming

Tell me different ways in which people or rings can scheme against each other. Just list simple tricks and means, perhaps with examples, such as "spread dirty rumors, for example that their leader is a Lurker".