Topic: The One Faith

Name: The One Faith
Formed: 3.3.103
Organization: Equalitarian
Leadership: One leader (elected)
Status: Active

Do you feel there is something missing? Does your life lack depth, a feeling of being connected with what you do? Have you felt that the TAU database, even were it complete can't give us all the answers? Have you thought thoughts even our best physicists have no answer for?

There is a reason for this. While the settlers here have focused on technology and rationalism, they have stunted their spiritual growth to a dangerous degree. Perhaps to a degree that will make us fail no matter how clever we are, a degree that will make us unable to understand or appreciate what we are doing here. The One Faith presents an answer to this spiritual void.

We aim to restore the Holy Writings of monotheism, the Bible, the Q'uran and the Torah and base our belief around a single Godhood who has created the universe and all of our physical laws. We pray to this being for guidance and out of respect. This gives us a level of calm and mental surplus that no rational thoughts could give. There is Truth to be had here, not just mere truth, and this certainty makes us able to work hard for the good of the
tower's inhabitants, both physically and spiritually.

Come join us for daily sermons at Lockerhall Alpha. You do not need to share our views or join us, everyone with an open mind is welcome. Perhaps it will grant you a measure of peace.

Also, if you have gotten Speedgrowth knowledge of religions, we would very much like to discuss this with you, to properly reconstruct the different faiths.

Balthazar - Leader
Erasmus - Handler
Millie - Handler (dead)
Gerhard (dead)
((10 members altogether))

((By Darkhawk))

Re: The One Faith

Name: Balthazar
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