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Looking at the communication tab for my character, I suspect that Ryzom players can send mail to other players as they could in Seed (and most other MMORPGs). I've had a few thoughts about how this might be used In Character, given how the group will shortly be split into four by our journey to the Mainland. This would ba an excellent way to keep in touch once this happens.

Given that Teleports exist between the various cities, despite the limits placed on them, I think it is entirely possible that a postal service exists to take advantage of this. Our characters can thus send mails to each other, and say that what we have actually done is write a letter and send it.

To keep it IC, I'd recommend that people write such mail as entirely IC and in letter format. For example:-

((OOC header giving how letter is received, eg delivered letter or note stuck to your door at the inn))

Dear (character),

(Main content of letter here)

signed (character)

Would be posted as:-

((Letter delivered in post to Tinai that morning))


I hope that this letter finds its way to you in a timely manner. With our band scattered across the Mainland we will be relying upon these letters to keep in touch until we are all re-united. The Matis contingent has arived safely, and is all is well so far. I hope to hear from you soon.


Or less formal versions such as:-

((Note found pushed under the door of your room at the Inn))

Perun- meet us in the Inn courtyard tonight. Can't say more in a note, but it's important.


What do people think of the idea? Obviously, you can only use options other than the post if you're both in the same city, but beyond that?

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I think this is fine, especially since this was how I have already used the system. As to how quickly messages pass back and forth (very speedy couriers), let's just ignore that, and use this system.

However, for some it might be relevant to consider whether they can read or write. Otherwise, they'd have to get others to read them their letters, which could also present interesting RP.

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This works.

As for literacy, it's true that refugees fighting for their survival in the wilderness on a daily basis would definately not care about education too much.   So there would be quite a few, maybe the majority of our characters, mine included, that have no idea how to read.

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We could of course simply rule that the Rangers on the Newbie Island taught everyone the basics of reading. As with my idea regarding the OOC channels for communication, this idea is designed to give us an IC excuse to use the mail system, not to add another layer of skills and trining beyond what the game already has.

You can, of course, RP characters having only basic literacy- simple, badly-spelled letters and confusion when reading long words in a recieved letter ("Excuse me- what does this word say?"). But immediatetely trying to have the characters NOT use this just strikes me as counter-productive. I prefer to come up with an IC reason for efficient and productive ways of working, rather than being obstinate about something in game for the sake of RPing.

And yes, if Tantavalist had a problem with anyone in the Tower, it was because they seemed to be acting like this. You can probably expect the same from Naetin. It irritates me a little to see this as a player, and this usually translates into how my characters act.

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Well, whether you can read or not is obviously your own, individual choice. Perun can read and write. Whetever others decide for their own chars is fine by me, it all adds colour to the background. And if you really want to be able to read, although your background might not make for it, then you can just say you were taught so at the camp. No big problem.

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I agree completely, Tantavalist. Good post.
As for literacy, it will be interesting to see who can read and who can't. smile