Topic: The Plague is Us

Name: The Plague is Us
Formed: 3.2.102
Organization: Hierarchical
Leadership: One leader (leader picks successor)
Status: Active

Humanity. Our very existence is an abomination. We subvert and twist and destroy everything in our path. Now they sent us to other planets, to repeat this horror all over again. We cannot let this happen. We are thinking creatures; we can see what we do to our environment. We must stop it here and now. Tear down this mechanical monstrosity, clean it all up as best we can, clean ourselves off of the surface of this land, leave this planet to its own devices and its own natural path.
Join us now. If our voices can grow so many that we can drown out all others, we will have a chance at undoing the great wrong that we caused, that we are.

Tootega(m) - leader
((15 members altogether))