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((these two entries were sent to the following people: Tinai, Wheri, Dagannys, Trevenni, Emaelle, Kendrus, Faeron, Dustie, Artash, Naetin, Kayleedawn, Victoria, Kalir, Shula and Paradoxis))

Perun's Travel Log, Day 0:

What a perfect farewell party! It is strange to think that it is only one and a half week
since I set foot in this camp. I had never imagined being together with homins would turn out
to be this good, but it did. When I announced that I would leave the camp, a farewell party
was suggested by the Trykers for me and all others who would leave this day. The party itself
was great, with Wheri and Tinai foraging for Sap, so we had the possibility to get thoroughly

That worked out very well indeed, and I had a great time listening to stories and songs around
the campfire, with most of the people I have met here in the camp present. I tried not to
focus on the sad aspects of this - that I would be leaving newly met friends. It seems most of
us will try to meet up again, so there is no reason to be sad.

I believe a few in the company got a little too much to drink and wonder how they felt waking
up the next day - probably like Tinai described, feeling the sun was about to kill them. I
however woke up with a great happiness and a desire to see the world - but also with a great
pleasure in knowing I've made friends in this short time in the camp. At least that is half
the reason I woke up in a happy mood, the other half was still present beside me.

To all that this travel log reaches, I wish to say I am glad I got to know you. I had
never thought my life would turn out this way, and I hope to see as many as you as possible,
as we make our way to Zora.

- Perun

Perun's Travel Log, Day 1:

A good day, but not without sadness at what I left behind. Still, the future seems bright. I
was teleported to Yrkanis by the Karavan, and my first expressions of the city were confusing.
So many new people and customs. I managed to find Naetin quickly though, and also a friendly
healer of The Order of the Dragon Blades named Kian shi. Interestingly, he was a Zoraí and
seemed accepted in the city. 

After a quick look around, Yrkanis does not seem that big. Surprising perhaps, but then again,
it is a young city, like every city here in the new lands. Not at all like the stories about
the old lands I heard from my family.

Apart from some personal business here of mine, Naetin and I have decided to stay for a few
days, getting to know the area and the people here, before we attempt to get to Zora. The
beasts in the wild here are much more vicious than at the refuge camp, but nothing a good
warrior can't handle alone - as long as it is one on one. There are Kitin here, and they are
stronger than those I encountered before. There definately is challenge to be had here and I
know some of you will be glad to hear that. Overall it seems the Matis have things under
control in the areas I have visited. There are several small villages and many guards. There
are roads that are somewhat safe for all, if you look out.

I have been busy carrying messages, fight Kitin and look at the sights around Yrkanis today. I
have seen a strange flying Karavan vehicle patrolling an encampment, dead trees reaching into
the sky and Matis everywhere. I have even dared to sit on the chair of the Matis king when no
one was looking. Don't tell anyone of course!

As I write this, I am ready to sleep in the wilds as I've done so often. I haven't found a
place to stay here, and I don't think I will either. When I have concluded my business and
Naetin and I feel ready, we will try to reach Zora, a capital I very much look forward to

I hope you are all well and doing things that pleases you. I am, and the world seems a place
full of promise. 

- Perun

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Re: Perun's Travel Log

((sent to Tinai, Wheri, Dagannys, Trevenni, Emaelle, Kendrus, Faeron, Dustie, Artash, Naetin, Kayleedawn, Victoria, Kalir, Shula and Paradoxis))

Perun's Travel Log, Day 2:

I wanted to see the world, and today it seems like I saw all of it at once. Atys is a huge
place, and I've been totally overwhelmed today. I don't exactly know where to start, but I
guess the beginning is a good place.

I was slowly getting adjusted to the forests and cities around Yrkanis, hunting beasts
together with Naetin, and kissing Atys with more regularity than I was accustomed to
previously. On one of our trips back to Yrkanis, we met a group of fellow Matis. When we
talked about travelling to Pyr, capital of the Fyros, because this was on the way to Zora,
this group agreed to escort us there. That sounded like a promising adventure of course. We
had entertained the idea of going there by ourselves, or trying to previously. I can't stop
myself from laughing ruefully when I write this. How clueless can you possibly be?

Those of you that think Kirosta are big or scary - well, just wait till' you see the monsters
in the desert. And I do mean monsters! As tall as buildings some of them, and absolute
nightmares to run from. Yes, run from, certainly not fight. Naetin and I ran around
frantically, trying to stay out of harms way while experienced healers and warriors took care
of us. That proved extremely difficult, and let us just say it was not my finest moment as a
warrior. You will experience this for yourself when you get here.

Apart from us running constantly, there were many wondrous sights to see along the way. We saw
the great waterfalls close to the desert, we saw the 'burning trees' of the desert (but not at
night, where they should look even more beautiful), and we were briefly in the prime roots via
a portal. Much to much to take in for now. 

Then we got to Pyr, capital of the Fyros, and what a city this is! This is one huge city, with
twisting alleyways you can easily lose yourself in. They have huge plazas and markets, and
best of all, they have a bath house! While Naetin was out exploring, I was lucky enough to
meet the person I was looking for here, and she introduced me to a few members of her order,
the Order of the Dragonblades. My impression of these homins is very positive indeed. They are
a neutral order for all races who want to basically help homins. That's what they offered to
do with us too, help us get to Zora.

Tomorrow we set out for the capital of the Zoraï, which means three capitals in three days,
and getting to our destination. As I write this, I've spent most of the night talking in the
bath house, a very social meeting place. Jezillia has been kind enough to arrange lodging for
me with the owner of the bath house, so I have a safe and comfortable place to sleep tonight.
I'm totally exhausted and can't even begin to understand how much I have seen (and run past!)
today. Tomorrow promises to be more of that - at this pace, my lust for exploring and
adventuring might even have to take a day off in order for me to cope.

As you can hear though, everything is fine, or more than fine. We're moving towards our goal,
quickly, and we gain new friends along the way. I hope the same will happen to you, and be
sure to let us know when you arrive on the mainlands, so we can help you from there.

- A very tired Perun

Re: Perun's Travel Log

((sent to Tinai, Wheri, Dagannys, Trevenni, Emaelle, Kendrus, Faeron, Dustie, Artash, Naetin, Kayleedawn, Victoria, Kalir, Shula and Paradoxis))

Perun's Travel Log, Day 3:

The 3rd day of my travels is drawing to a close, and today, as I sit here in Zora, on a ledge
off the City Hall, watching the bustle of the city, a sort of peace has fallen over me. We
made it at last. We are here, and now we can explore the place and await word from all of you.
The day started with me getting to know my way around Pyr and exploring the surroundings. That
held its share of pain, naturally. I didn't get much sighseeing done though, because today was
also the day when The Order of the Dragonblades would attempt to lead us to Zora.

Unexpectedly, as we were getting ready to head out, and the Order made the last preparations,
Kaylee showed up! Not wanting to wait for us, she had made the trek from Fairhaven to Zora,
and then up to Pyr to meet us (or I should rather say, to meet Naetin, together with some
helpful souls she had met. I like that sort of initiative I must say, and I imagine Naetin was
rather pleased too.

The three of us, and a varying number of Dragonblades then set off towards Zora, in a pace
that was much more merciful than the pace of the previous trek. We even took the time to see
the local sights along the way too. A huge oasis in the desert, quiet and serene, with
colourful fish swimming around. Then we saw the flaming forest at night. I thought I had seen
this the day before, but what I had seen had not been flaming trees at all. Unfortunately this
experience was somehow disturbed by having to run for my life and getting badly mangled. Well,
it was an experience, but the angry Xerx had nearly cost us all our lives.

After this, we made good time through the desert and passed several outposts, whose function
were kindly explained to us. Well, we made good time until we had to cross the slope from the
desert and down into the jungle. It was patrolled by a veritable horde of Kitin as big as
houses. This proved to be a very painful experience too, but eventually we made it through and
stood in the Zoraï jungles. That was a happy moment for me - it felt like things were starting
to come together.

Making it from there to the capital of Zora was easy. The adventure did not stop here though,
but to cut the story short, the friendly Dragonblades mostly departed each to their own. One
of them was so extremely generous as to escort me around, fighting with me to help me improve
my skills. Then she went foraging for materials to make me a light armour set, crafted it and
gave it to me as a gift, though she was clearly exhausted after the long trip. We have seen a
lot of such kindness and generosity on this trip, and one day I hope we will be able to give
back in kind to these kind souls.

Right now, Naetin, Kaylee, Dagannys, Trevenni and myself are here in Zora, though we have not
yet met Dagannys or Trevenni. We're ready to welcome you here or in the other capitals, and we
will do what we can to help you get here, as I wrote yesterday. We'll scout the area and get
to know how things work around here. This means that this travel log is drawing to a close. As
we have arrived, I won't continue it. I hope my small musings and experiences have been
interesting, and I look forward to seeing you all. 

- Perun

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