Topic: The Electrocuted

Name: The Electrocuted
Formed: 5.11.102
Organization: Organic
Leadership: Democratic
Status: Active

Oh, hello. We're The Electrocuted, we specialize in Power system maintenance and building and that kind of stuff. We're a merry punch of loonies who hang out in the most electic of places! Our percentual body count is right there with the Firemen and the Prospectors! Call us if you dare!

(Seriously, what Klatch means here is that we're dedicated to the safety of our fellow colonists, and are willing to take personal risk for the sake of our goal when necessary - Simeone)

Oh, and despite all the rumors, we're not planning on joining The Horizon. We talked about that when The Workhorses joined, but that's ancient history. We're happy the way we are.

Klatch - leader
Simeone - handler
Bitisururu - handler
Mitsumoto - handler (dead)
Ranjit - handler
((4 members altogether))

Re: The Electrocuted

Name: Klatch
Position: Leader

Re: The Electrocuted

Name: Simeone
Position: Handler

Re: The Electrocuted

Name: Ranjit
Position: Handler

Re: The Electrocuted

Name: Bitisururu
Position: Handler